Your Definition of Influencer Marketing is WAY Too Narrow: Influence is EVERYWHERE in Social Media
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferOctober 31, 2018
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Your Definition of Influencer Marketing is WAY Too Narrow: Influence is EVERYWHERE in Social Media

Influencer Marketing is about way more than just Instagram influencers with millions of followers. This episode is a preview of Neal's new book on influencer marketing, The Business of Influence, and aims to change your mindset to understand that influence is literally everywhere, on every social network and content medium, and those who influence include your followers, customers, partners, and even employees.

Key Highlights

[01:49] Why Influencer Marketing Is Today's Hot Topic

[02:16] Compelling Reasons To Be Utilizing Influencer Marketing

[03:29] Books About Influence

[05:27] The Definition and Concept of Influencer Marketing

[07:55] Influence Is Everywhere

[09:15] Early Form of Influencer Marketing

[10:11] Longes Life Span Of Social Posts

[11:02] What Is Affiliate Marketing

[11:07] How To Become An Affiliate

[11:55] Other Types Of Influencer Marketing

[12:03] Brand Advocacy

[13:15] More Types of Influences

[14:51] People Always Outperform Businesses

[16:16] Expanding Mindset About Influencer Marketing

[17:34] Using Events To Expand Influences

Notable Quotes

  • I believe that influencer marketing should be a fundamental part of a company's marketing. And this is not just for consumer brands that are targeting Millennials or tweens for any brand, including b2b brands, including nonprofits and government organizations.
  • When you begin to think about all this holistically, you begin to see that influence does not depend on social network influence really is everywhere.
  • So we can't forget when we talk about influencer marketing, the power of working with bloggers because, you know, the lifetime of a tweet is very short.
  • Here's the thing, an influencer doesn't have to be that 10 million follower, Instagram celebrity. And influencer might only have 5000 followers, but they have a very, very highly engaged community in something that is relevant to the products and services that you offer. Now you begin to see how broad of a definition influencer marketing should be. 
  • There's plenty of stats out there that show that by investing in relationships with your customers, you will end up getting more business than investing in advertising outside of your customers. In other words, not only through loyalty, will your customers purchase more from you, but they will also refer you to others that will end up being your customers as well.
  • And I think the whole idea about working with influencers is ideally at the end of the day, you want to try to convert them into becoming brand advocates, right?
  • The whole idea is that social media was made for people, not for businesses, right.
  • But if you use the creation of around a blog post, as a way to hopefully get them to share your posts, or at a minimum, it helps you establish a relationship with the influencer for the future.
  • So events are a powerful, powerful form of marketing. And when you include influencers as part of them, it is a great way to yield ROI and to strengthen those relationships. And you get to meet these influencers in person where you can really deepen that relationship.

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