Wake Up Call: It's Time for Social Media Marketing 2.0
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferDecember 13, 2018
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Wake Up Call: It's Time for Social Media Marketing 2.0

16 days. 6 countries. 2 continents. After a business trip around the world, I pondered what role businesses should play in social media. And then it dawned on me: Social media marketing has been going on for ten years, but brands on average still suck at it. Should businesses keep trying to do the same thing? Or is it time for a next generation, new approach to social media marketing that takes into account the fact that we are now entering our second decade of implementing organic social? Listen on for the conclusion that I have and the advice for you to completely blow up and reconstruct your social media marketing efforts to be more effective in 2019 and beyond.

Key Highlights

[00:49] It's Time For Second Generation Strategies

[03:41] Why Influencer Marketing Is Ahead In Southeast Asia And China

[04:42] How Influential Influencers Are In China And Southeast Asia

[06:03] Brands Moving More Into Paid Social

[06:40] Do Consumers Want To Talk To Brands On Social Media?

[08:28] Influencers Are The Best Content Creators

[10:44] How Most Businesses Started Out

[11:53] Inciting Word Of Mouth

[12:47] Marketers Are Miseducated On Influencer Marketing

[13:38] Redefining Influencer Marketing

[17:07] Invest In Relationship With People

Notable Quotes

  • I think that businesses really understand the influence that these people have in that part of the world.
  • We've been doing social media marketing for a decade now. And I think we need to come to the realization, and I keep saying it, but it bears reminding that social media was made for people, not for businesses, right? Businesses really shouldn't be in social media. But I don't think that people want to have conversations with brands in social media, unless they're gonna complain, perhaps if they have a question.
  • That's what social media is about, is about building relationships with people.
  • Many businesses started out word of mouth, happy customers, successful customers, they told their friends, and so on. But what's important here is that I applaud falcon.io Because one of the keywords in Spark, that digital marketing conference I spoke at was how going forward? Do we incite conversations that connect? And I think that's what it's about, right? It's about leveraging our customers who 10 years ago, we're not on social media, but they're on social media. Now, it's about spreading word of mouth through social media.
  • So if business is about word of mouth marketing, and social media should have been about word of mouth marketing, the only way to incite word of mouth marketing is not from the declining reach of your organic posts, nor is it about your advertisements. It's about leveraging people.
  • What's important is that we need to redefine and the business of influence is going to be all about redefining it. And I think that employee advocacy is a great way to begin that thought process of redefining influencer marketing when you consider your employees influencers.
  • instead of going after people that have no brand affinity with you, build from your fans.
  • It's people, people rule, social media, people will always rule social media.

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