Sweet Success: A French Macaron Maker's Rise to SEO Mastery
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferFebruary 28, 2024
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Sweet Success: A French Macaron Maker's Rise to SEO Mastery

In today's episode, we have an incredible guest who embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and digital savvy - Anthony Rosemond. Anthony, originally from France, took the bold step with his wife to open an online macaron shop in the US, crafting a delectable niche in the competitive world of French pastries.

Anthony will delve into their journey from farmers markets to building a robust online presence, revealing how focusing on non-branded keywords and constructing a valuable content library can elevate your SEO game. We'll uncover the tactics they used to rank for "macarons near me," the strategic use of the SEO tool SEMrush, and how they crafted authentic blog posts that responded directly to their customers' curiosities.

We'll also touch on the synergistic role of social media, especially Instagram, and how their organic growth to 100,000 followers fueled both brand legitimacy and business growth - including virtual classes that became a sensation during COVID.

Anthony also plans to share insights on transitioning their marketing efforts to target corporate events and gifting. We'll even get a sneak peek into their success with email marketing, the importance of non-discount promotions, and a fascinating shift from B2C to B2B.

So get ready to be inspired and learn how to sweeten your digital marketing strategy with the insights from Anthony Rosemond's journey from in-person sales to dominating the online French pastry market. Don't go anywhere, because this episode will be as insightful as it is flavorful!



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