The Influencer Marketing ROI of Creating and Publishing a Roundup Post [Codrut Turcanu Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferOctober 23, 2018
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The Influencer Marketing ROI of Creating and Publishing a Roundup Post [Codrut Turcanu Interview]

Roundup posts are a powerful form of influencer marketing when strategically planned and implemented correctly, especially but not limited to B2B businesses. Learn how to create your own roundup posts with this interview with Codrut Turcanu, one of the global leaders in producing expert roundup blog posts.

Key Highlights

[00:32] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Codrut Turcanu

[02:38] How To Define A Roundup Blog Post?

[04:40] How Did Codrut Started The Concept Of Having Experts Chime In Your Blog

[07:05] Pain Points Businesses Will Face The First Time They Do Influencer Outreach

[09:55] Why And How Roundup Blog Posts Benefits Businesses

[11:58] Success Stories

[15:48] Case Study Example

[19:05] Ballpark Number For Roundup Posts

[21:47] Codrut's Final Advice

Notable Quotes

  • The quick, the quick, or the fast solution would be to think about what is the end result? 
  • Once you know the goal, or the main achievement, then you can start and create or compile your experts list or your influence in classes list.
  • What I recommend my clients do, first of all, before they set on the goal, before they decide what they really want to achieve with their first test Roundup, then I suggest that they create a list with people whom they already connected with, these might go back to previous clients, doing Venture Partners, and so forth.
  • Definitely worth about because you connect with people who are already influential in their marketplace in the industry, actually, when you associate with people who already have an audience, already have access to people who work or want to access, like, for example, leads clients, social media ordinances, and so forth.
  • It also puts you on the radar of these influencers, because now you're starting to build a relationship with them through this engagement through this tactic of inviting them to have their opinion voice. 
  • And with the right promotion with the right strategy, you may be able to collaborate with them so that they can promote your blog post, then you can also use your newsletter and social media accounts, to drive traffic to your back to your blog post as well to your expert.
  • This is why I recommend my parameters to my clients, because they open the door to a long term relationship and the links the social shares, the visitors leads and clients will follow quickly afterwards, it will come as a natural effect.
  • Now, one remark I want to make this, this concept of excellent that can be just and implemented in any niche, no matter how large or small in any industry. That's why I suggest to my clients to go to connect with those on the middle levels, who have a sizable and significant audience, but they are so respond to emails or to their social media accounts personally.
  • Always focus on quality content, and quality experts. And this goes back to listening to your audience, because your audience actually will dictate how you adjust your strategy whom you connect with, and what type of content they they want to read or listen to.

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