It’s Time to Bring Content, Organic Social and Performance Marketing Teams Together [ Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferNovember 26, 2018
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It’s Time to Bring Content, Organic Social and Performance Marketing Teams Together [ Interview]

I recently keynoted social media enterprise platform company's Spark conference in Copenhagen, Denmark on the topic of influencer marketing. I had a chance to meet with their founder and CEO, Ulrik Bo Larsen, at the event and get his perspective on all things social media marketing. Listen in for his advice.

Key Highlights

[00:48] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Ulrik Bo Larsen

[02:27] Successful Things Jay See That Brands Do In Social and Digital These Days

[05:03]'s Core Message of Marketing

[05:46] The Areas Where Marketers Need To Improve On

[09:01] Big Things That Marketers Miss Out Of

[11:13] Bringing The Content Team Together

[16:26] The Focal Points Marketers Should Focus On

[17:28] Three Centers Of Gravity

Notable Quotes

  • A lot of these great things that people want to achieve on these channels, which is often starts with a marketing message, you want to want to get a specific message out, you want to set on specific product, you want to create a rareness around a brand, a lot of those things are now especially in I would say in the mid market and some of the more innovative enterprise companies, people are starting to realize that a lot of those things are very intertwined.
  • I think that a lot of things are moving towards you know, visual content. And it obviously you know, sometimes changes the need for kind of the you know, the expertise you need internally to produce that is different than just writing copy but but it's all those things are coming together.
  • So I think you need to engage with perhaps a new set of agencies to help you out produce some of that content and you need to staff your own your own teams in ways so that you can maneuver what is you know, the changing landscape of what constant formats are working and it's video it's visual video now it's portrait instead of landscape and all those things are constantly happening right and you write us need to be Ready for for that and embrace it as you know, an exciting line of work rather than oh my god, I thought I had it down, because that's never gonna happen.
  • You may have some, some some difference of, of, you know, personality, and there are differences throughout the states of America for sure. But it is, you know, it's my new compared to the differences in culture over here. So I think that that's important. So you often get into a more more refined set up with, with regional and local markers, local activation, where you take some of those some of the content pieces and really want, you need to localize them to these to these markets over here.
  • What you want to do, you want to bootstrap them with some tooling, and some platforms, and something to kind of hold on to create longevity, on all the, you know, customer interactions, all the profiles, you build up all those things you want to create, you know, you want to build up repositories of those types of things. And we think as a tool vendor, as a product company, having that mindset is really important.

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