How To Optimize Your Blog Posts For Higher Search Rankings And Stay Ahead Of The Competition
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferFebruary 28, 2019
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How To Optimize Your Blog Posts For Higher Search Rankings And Stay Ahead Of The Competition

Getting to the front page in the search rankings is a battlefield - you're fighting a war! The struggle to stay relevant and compete with an ever growing number of competitors requires the right tools and the right approach to revitalizing existing blog content and strategically creating new content.

If you are approaching content from a social media marketing perspective, or from a blogging perspective, today's podcast is going to really resonate with you because I want to give you a hopefully new and really holistic way of thinking about search engine optimization and therefore the content that either you already have on your site or new content that you are going to blog in the future as part of your content marketing and social media marketing efforts

Key Highlights

[03:39] What drives traffic?

[03:47] Why Search Engines Are Relevant And Powerful

[04:46] The Concept Of Freshness

[05:36] Data-driven Approach

[06:19] Why Some Content Outperform And Some Underperform?

[06:57] Minimum Number Of Words for Blog Posts

Notable Quotes

  • At the end of the day search engines is what drives traffic.
  • I still think at the end of the day, you know, people read emails, people read blogs, but people do a heck of a lot of searches.
  • Search engines are still there and are still as powerful and as relevant as ever. And therefore, when we think about content, we should be thinking about search engines.
  • Why does some content outperform and some underperform? Well, what I've found some of the underperforming content is actually competing with good performing content on your websites.
  • If you blogged about the same thing over and over again, Google is just going to try to find the best one if you're trying to target the same keyword.

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