Product Hunt Ask Me Anything: Answering Your Questions about Social
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferFebruary 03, 2016
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Product Hunt Ask Me Anything: Answering Your Questions about Social

Not long ago, Neal was on an “Ask Me Anything” on Product Hunt, a website that showcases new products, apps, and startups. Today he’s sharing some of the questions he answered during that session because he thought maybe if one person is asking this, other people are having these same questions. Listen in to hear Neal talk about everything from the best platforms to be on, tools to be using, advice for startups, and tips for fundraising for your new social business.

Key Highlights

[03:09] The Most Underrated Social Platform That Businesses Often Overlook

[07:20] How I Discover My Love for Social

[08:58] How Socials Are Used in Different Countries

[11:33] Advice for Startups

[12:38] Best Rate for Traction

[13:45] Which Paid Ads Should You Use?

[15:13] The Social Media Strategy I Admire

[16:36] The Other People in Social You Should Follow

[18:04] Twitter's Biggest Challenges and Opportunities

[19:42] My Favorite Social Media Tools

[21:27] My Opinion On Social Selling Tools

Notable Quotes

  • But in order to get a larger following, you literally have to self promote yourself. It's very, very hard. If you're not a celebrity, I think Snapchat tends to be a little bit more challenging.
  • I think the most underrated platforms are the ones that lose attention, especially when stock prices go down. 
  • I love to meet people, new people from all around the world in the daily basis. That's, that's what I love, right. And that's what social is all about.
  • Create content to attract and share in social, build a hamper community by leveraging paid social in the savvy way, build a list using like a lead pages, and be helpful and push your product in an indirect way without pushing it. And I think you'll start to build up a community of hopefully loyal and passionate users.
  • Social media is powerful. Only if people talk about your product, right? That's the viral aspect. Sometimes it happens organically but usually at the beginning you need to think of a creative way to get people talking about you. Social media, as as marketing in general, I love to say this is half science and half are you I am teaching you the science, you need to step it up, become the artist and paint a picture that works best with your own community. 
  • You can't replicate success. You can only replicate things that make sense to do for your own business, but they're going to be inherently different. And if they're not, you're probably not going to be successful. 

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