How to Create Your Own Instagram Followers Policy to Increase Your Community and Gain More Engagement
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferOctober 19, 2018
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How to Create Your Own Instagram Followers Policy to Increase Your Community and Gain More Engagement

On this podcast I first compare the concept of an Instagram follower policy with that of other social networks and then focus on detailing my experience on Instagram to help you create a policy that will help you grow both Instagram followers and engagement.

Key Highlights

[03:36] Why I Spend A Lot of Time On Instagram

[04:37] Following Policy

[06:42] Understanding Limitations

[09:22] Why You Should Prune Your Connection

[18:32] Instagram Limitation

[19:54] What Fuels The Influencer Marketing Industry

[22:43] Another Reason Why You Should Reduce Irrelevant Followers

[23:58] The Golden Sign of Fake Influence

[29:00] The 1,500 Rule

Notable Quotes

  • I like to say no one has a monopoly on ideas. No one has a monopoly on storytelling.
  • At the end of the day. You need to have your own policies. as to how you want to use I mean, it obviously you need to have your own strategy as to how you want to use Instagram, is it going to be for personal for business for both? But you need to have a policy as to who you're going to follow.
  • If no one engages with that content, boom, no one else is going to be able to see that content. And that's why having, you know, quantity is important. But the quality is even more important, because the quality of the relevance in your connections is not there, right? Your content is not going to be seen by anybody, it's going to be seen, first of all, by irrelevant people. 
  • I think it's important to also show people that follow you that if they're real and relevant, you're going to follow them back, because it's social media. 
  • One way of building out a community is through social signals is tapping people on the shoulder. And one of the tactics that you use for that, in addition to commenting and liking and you know, the different ways you can engage with people is definitely following them.
  • I, for someone that's investing on a daily basis, investing time in a platform, I want to engage with other people on Instagram that are equally invested in the platform as I am right. I want to know that they're publishing on a regular basis, they're engaging on a regular basis. So this is one way in which we begin to look at the importance of not only the follower following ratio, but also this average engagement rate. 

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