My Social Media Theme for the New Year: Focus
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferJanuary 18, 2016
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My Social Media Theme for the New Year: Focus

Happy new year and welcome to the first solo episode of 2016. I've been thinking a lot about skills of the best social media marketers, and what I should be focusing on this year. The answer is focus: social media marketers wear lots of hats, and the only way to maintain a strategic approach is the ability to focus and keep on track. Listen in to hear how I keep focused, and why focusing on your business objective is crucial to your success.

Key Highlights

[02:19] Focus, Focus, Focus!

[03:41] Create More Vidoe Content

[04:10] The Way I Focus

[05:22] "Big Content"

[05:57] "Other Content"

[06:18] Optimizing My Tools

[06:54] Idea Of Monetizing

[09:03] You Need A Product Or Service

[09:53] Becoming An Influencer Or Brand Advocate

[11:55] Influencer Platforms Examples

[13:29] Launch New Brand

[15:36] Social Media Is About Having An Objective

[16:46] Performing Audits On Your Social Media

Notable Quotes

  • As social media marketer, we wear a lot of hats, right? Whether it's content creation, engagement, listening, campaign planning, or analyzing the best social media marketers need to wear many hats across many social networks. And the only way to maintain a strategical approach amongst this whirlwind of never ending activity, that is social media, is the ability to focus and keep on track, ensuring that tactical objectives are implemented, and social media activities are strategically aligned. It's one habit, which truly separates the best from the rest.
  • Social media replaces nothing, but compliments everything.
  • Just getting lots of followers like a vanity metric, right? It has no business value. 
  • Just because someone likes your company doesn't mean that they have opted into your email or even considering buying from you. They can like you for a lot of different reasons, right? But without a product, there's no business there's influence but it has no power.
  • The followers give you the credibility, but you need to be able to deliver on the cliques. And if you're on a social network, where you're just unsure as to what sort of clicks you're getting. That's a black hole.
  • So the bigger the community, the morbidity, you have to cross promote, and therefore the more ability you have to launch new brands, or new offerings from scratch, and I think that's really the exciting thing here is if you can find a product or a service that you can either create or partner with But someone that has a lot of business value to your community, probably in there, you might be able to find another niche or something complementary, where you can branch off.
  • At the end of the day, right, social media is about having an objective, and it has to be a business objective, and therefore you have to have a business. So that's only a question you can answer.
  • ut the key thing is, you got to have focus, you got to have clarity, you got to be clear about your business objectives. And everything you do in social media, either directly or indirectly, has to be all about those business objectives.

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