It's Time to Get Serious About Short Form Video
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferDecember 22, 2022
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It's Time to Get Serious About Short Form Video

TikTok. Instagram Reels. YouTube Shorts. You've heard the buzz around them, and you know that is where social media users are spending the most time consuming content today.

Short form video has transformed from its earliest days of just being about trending dances on TikTok to being a place where people go looking for information. If you have children or know any GenZ youth, ask them what they have learned from being on TikTok. You might be surprised as to the center of information discovery that short form video platform has become.

So as we embark on 2023 the question is not whether you should or shouldn't do short form video, but more as to when and how to get started.

I just got started myself, and I hope this episode inspires you to do the same!

Key Highlights

[04:31] Where The Trend of Short Form Began

[06:13] TikTok As A Search Engine

[07:46] Data Points

[09:44] Why You Should Have A TikTok Centric Perspective

[10:20] Find Role Models

[12:08] What I Have Learned So Far

[19:44] Phases of TikTok

[20:47] My Recommendations

Notable Quotes

  • Now everybody's on Instagram, and we are starting to see the shift on Tik Tok, there is more I would say, millennial based content or content for a little bit older of a crowd than Gen Z. And this really excites me because this content is more on the educational side. And in fact, if you've been reading the news,you would know that tick tock is fast becoming a search engine. 
  • And when social media becomes a search engine, it becomes important for businesses and marketers to begin to reconsider the value of those platforms.
  • One of the concepts I teach is find a role model, find someone that you can emulate, you can be inspired by find someone that looks like is serving a similar audience to you, and is getting engagement is getting followers. And that will prove that your audience is there. 
  • TikTok is where the trends are happening. TikTok is becoming more educational in nature. It's becoming more like a search engine. And now I think you see the opportunities are opening up. 
  • Find role models do searches, you don't have to do hashtag searches, do searches for relevant topics, I think you're going to find what we would call talking head videos. 
  • Editing is one really, really important part. The other important part is to understand that every short form video must have one idea. If this is entertaining. It's another story. If you're going for the educational, you still need to be entertaining. 

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