Pinterest Marketing: It's Time to Diversify Your Social Media Marketing [Kate Ahl Interview]

Pinterest Marketing: It's Time to Diversify Your Social Media Marketing [Kate Ahl Interview]

If you've ever been curious about Pinterest, or are looking for ways to diversify your social media marketing, this episode is for you.

Kate Ahl is the undisputed Queen of Pinterest marketing. In this episode she shares with us everything you need to know about the why and how of Pinterest marketing.

Key Highlights

[03:09] Introduction to Podcast Guest, Kate Ahl

[05:33] How Kate Started on Pinterest

[07:12] Special Characteristic of an Average Pinner

[09:33] Companies That Would Best be Served by Pinterest

[13:11] Understanding Pinterest Analytics

[14:14] The First Steps You Should Do With Pinterest

[15:33] Pinterest Guided Search

[16:09] Pinterest Lens

[18:28] What Makes Some Pinterest Accounts More Successful than Others?

[22:51] Pinterest Image Trick

[24:16] Pin Formats

[29:33] My Pinterest Data

[32:05] Why You Should Advertise on Pinterest

[35:13] What to Look Out for on Pinterest in the Upcoming Months

[42:12] Connect with Kate

Notable Quotes

  • Pinterest is a great informer of purchases.
  • But oftentimes, what people fail to realize is that if you're already creating content, or you're writing articles, with Pinterest, it's just a simple switch of an image.
  • What we tell people, if you're going to think about approaching the platform right away, is to get your profile set up, get a business account, get your profile set up, and think of it as how can I showcase who I am and what I do in this very top of the profile piece so people know right away.
  • Images really need to be where your branding shines.
  • But I think that people the power of sharing amongst the people is real. So people want to see it, they're gonna see it.
  • one of the things that you and I had talked about before is Pinterest still drives so much traffic, compared to all the other platforms that have really shut it off, for the sake of the pay-to-play. Pinterest still is an environment where you can just do organic marketing, you don't have to necessarily go into the pay to play.
  • Our goal is to make Pinterest marketing accessible for everybody in a way that does not confuse them in a way that does not overwhelm them but gets them straight to the heart of what they need to know, as well as keeps them informed.

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