11 Takeaways from Podcast Movement 2022
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferSeptember 08, 2022
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11 Takeaways from Podcast Movement 2022

I had an awesome time at the world's largest event dedicated to podcasters and podcasting for business: Podcast Movement 2022 in Dallas, Texas.

Since you are listening to this podcast, you already know how compelling a medium podcasting can be. But what are the newest trends and technology you should be aware of if you are a content creator or looking into tapping into podcasting for your business?

Look no further - just listen to my report and you'll feel as if you attended the event yourself!

Key Highlights

[02:23] Upcoming Marketing Conferences

[04:07] What I Learned At Podcast Movement 2022

[06:07] Success Is About Consistency

[06:51] Podcast Statistics

[08:38] 2 Best Ways to Promote Podcast

[14:11] It's All About Video

[16:14] Tiktok Takeaway

[18:15] What Do Successful Podcasters Do?

[19:21] Use Email With Your Podcast

[21:35] An Interesting Shift in Podcasting

[23:32] What Is Patreon?

[25:32] Another Trend in Podcasting

[28:29] Podcasting Is Special

[30:18] How to Contact Me For Podcasting Advice

Notable Quotes

  • In podcasting, success is really about consistency.
  • There's always this aspect that we need to be consistent for a period of time until we see the results. And podcasting is no different. But what I think it means for all of you if you've been thinking about a podcast, there's always never a better time. But you're never too late because most people just quit. So if you have ideas, and I urge you to map out your ideas for 10, 20, 30 episodes, and if you're going to interview people, who are those people are going to be map it out and implement.
  •  And I think going forward, you're going to hear a lot more of these ads on podcasts as more micro and nano influencer podcasters like myself, get into the action for whatever reason, but it was a reminder that advertising is really alive and well in podcasting.
  • It might be a great way if you're thinking of doing podcasting, but also want to increase the benefits of doing so is to think video from the start not as an afterthought. And I think that'll help you actually create better videos.
  • Leveraging your community as well, which might be the third different way to help get reviews shared on social media, whatever that specific call to action is. And whatever way you can creatively bring it up. So that it will really encourage, if not incentivize people to do that. 
  • Do you need to be everywhere? No. If you're able to be in multiple places, you can leverage that especially if you are a content creator.
  • I started podcasting as a content marketing initiative. But it has led me to develop a really, really personal relationship with you. Even though we've never met in person. 
  • Podcasting is a unique, human-centric, medium, unparalleled with any other medium out there in terms of marketing, to allow you to connect with people over the broadest category of things. 

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