Twitter Marketing: A Fresh Perspective for 2022
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferMarch 14, 2022
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Twitter Marketing: A Fresh Perspective for 2022

Twitter is an often forgotten about but potentially extremely powerful option for your social media marketing.

What impact can Twitter have on your marketing? What businesses should utilize it? And how to go about best using it?

Find out all you want to know about Twitter marketing on this episode of the Your Digital Marketing Coach podcast!

Key Highlights

[05:13] Why I Invest Time and Energy On Twitter

[07:08] Twitter as A Great Discovery Tool for News

[07:48] The Magic of Twitter

[08:33] The Value of Twitter

[09:08] Importance of Twitter Ads

[10:23] Connecting and Engaging Is Easy On Twitter

[11:52] Twitter's Content

[13:48] Share Natively!

[16:04] Hidden Engagement

[16:32] Things You Can Do To Start A Conversation

[17:23] Why It Is Easier Develop Relationships On Twitter

[19:04] Summary

Notable Quotes

  • Now, a lot of us marketers publish a lot to Twitter. And we tend to use tools to do that. And when you use a tool on a platform, you sort of lose touch with the reality of the platform. And I definitely realize that with Twitter, really as a place to monitor the news, Twitter does a good job of pointing out news that's going on from reputable sources.
  • Once again, that happens on Twitter, it's because it's where the news breaks. And it's where the media is. And if you're a business, or if you're a solopreneur. entrepreneur, you want to get covered by the media.
  • The life span of a tweet is very short. It's the repetitive gesture of checking it on Twitter, if you're doing it organically, several times a day, if you're tweeting a few times a day is going to be the cadence that you need, I believe in order to make impact there because it is so noisy.
  • And there's very few platforms today that we can say that about, but compared to a tick tock, or any other platform, Twitter really is the easiest platform to connect and engage with others on to have conversations.
  • So if you want to go a little bit further with Twitter, assuming that you're already publishing content on LinkedIn, on a Facebook, or on an Instagram, or even on a tick tock, you can take that exact same content and publish it on Twitter, that would be my number one recommendation for you.
  • The magic starts when you engage with others, when you engage with influencers with thought leaders with your followers. And the more you tweet, and the more you engage, and that engagement should also include proactively following, the more things tend to happen over time, like anything else in social media, it has a tumbleweed effect.
  • And part of me is like when everybody talks about going to LinkedIn or a tick tock or an Instagram, there's always value in all these other social networks that a lot of people have forgotten about. They're all equally important.
  •  And I think that those that are successful are those that have a very, very holistic perspective on digital and social media marketing, and know where everything fits into place and what strategic levers to best pull for whatever state you're in, in your digital and social media marketing.

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