Enterprise-Wide Employee Advocacy is a Natural Outcome of Social Business [Sociabble Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferJanuary 05, 2016
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Enterprise-Wide Employee Advocacy is a Natural Outcome of Social Business [Sociabble Interview]

Today Neal is sharing an interview he did with Marylin Montoya of Sociabble. Sociabble, one of the sponsors of the 2015 Social Tools Summits, is an employee advocacy platform that uses content marketing and social media networks to connect relevant content to employees in order to showcase their company’s brand. Marylin is sharing her insider perspective and offering valuable information and advice based on lots of experience helping large clients plan and implement employee advocacy programs. Listen in to hear her talk about the value of employee advocacy, why your employees are your best assets, and why enterprise-wide employee advocacy is a natural progression of social business.

Key Highlights

[00:35] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Marilyn Montoya

[02:48] What is Sociabble?

[05:17] Why Employees Are The Company's Best Assets?

[09:21] Ways Employee Advocacy Benefit Company

[11:50] Evolution of Employee Advocacy Internally

[15:16] How Sociabble Helps With Training The Company Set Up Employee Advocacy Program

[17:00] Employee Advocacy In Europe Vs North America

[20:28] Connect With Marilyn

Notable Quotes

  • It's a technology that uses content marketing, and social media networks, to connect relevant content to employees in order to showcase their company's brand.
  • The main reasons are to obviously, amplify the message of the brand through the voice of the employees, and also, to allow those employees to engage in personal branding, with social networks, That means kind of develop a thought leadership through the content that the company is helping provide those employees and then, you know, also have them understand what it means to build your brand on social media. 
  • Business is done between people, not between company and people. So, the idea is, you know, let's, let's allow employees to engage with audiences on social media network through the help of tool.
  • The reality is that, you know, companies must now be on social media, you know, almost everybody has a LinkedIn company page or an official Twitter handle. And then it's just a natural evolution and natural progression of that of that logic that, okay, well, actually, it's really important to be active on social media. 
  • I think the idea is that your employees are your best asset, you know, they're the people that understand your company, understand your brand. And they're also the people that engage with, you know, prospects and clients in real life.
  • For the most part, you know, unless you have a very disgruntled employee, which does happen, most people want to showcase what they're doing, what they're working on, in their company, what role they're playing, you know, what projects they're working on. So the idea is, okay, let's allow people to share that, and to position themselves that as somebody that is an expert in something.
  • I think it's not a negative thing to allow employees to showcase themselves and, and the contributions that they're making to their company. And by way of that, you know, making a good impression on behalf of the company. 

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