Your Biggest Social Media Marketing Challenge? Internal Recognition
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferDecember 26, 2013
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Your Biggest Social Media Marketing Challenge? Internal Recognition

Many find their biggest social media challenge to be an internal one: How to convince your executive team of your social media investment. Here's some advice on how to explain your social media team internally, build consensus, and receive more recognition (and budget) for your activities.

 Key Highlights

[00:59] Go Big or Go Home Approach

[02:05] Everybody is Doing Social Media

[02:31] The Two Different Types of Companies I See

[03:59] The Challenge of Selling Social Media Internally

[05:54] Reasons Why Executives Are Fearful of Social Media

[06:30] My Advice on Convincing People Internally

[07:44] Write Internal Reports Regularly

[07:54] Paint Holistic Picture of Your Social Media Program

Notable Quotes

  • If you're gonna make content, make account instead of just trying to churn out things on a regular basis.
  • And I think at this point, now, it really depends on what level your social media program or your social media literacy is at. But my feeling as we end 2013 is, look, everybody is doing social media, right?
  • We need to be where our customers are, we need to be innovative, and we need to be ahead of them. And this is why they have this very innovative and aggressive approach to being whatever platform their customer might be on.
  • And that is the challenge of selling social media internally, you have these companies that are pretty famous companies that have robust social media presences. Yet, they are not fully understood internally.
  • Because you as no matter what you represent in your company, you can read books, you can listen to podcasts, you can experiment, and I always say social media isn't rocket science was made for people by people. And therefore when businesses learn to engage alongside other people as people and offer value, I think you will be able to find a lot of different ways to become more effective and achieve whatever objective you have, and there's a lot more tools out there that helped us do that as well. 
  • But convincing people internally is the challenge, because it really requires people to change their mindset. And when we think of people internally, these are people, often in companies, they are older people that have very firm mindsets, they were perhaps successful at a part of their career before social media even existed. 
  • So when I wrote maximize your social X, he wrote it with the intent of both, whether you're an executive, or you're a social media marketer, or what have you, you'll be able to really, you know, improve your social media literacy, and be able to see why you should be investing more and not left in social media.
  • But I wanted to share with you my advice for the social media director at this consumer brand, as to how to convince people internally and knowing the challenge, it really does come down to education is number one.
  • You really need to whittle social media down to data and case studies, what have you. So anytime there's a chance to educate and educate with data with white papers with outside authoritative third party resources. That is obviously one of the best things you should be doing. 

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