Why Video Ads in Social Media Convert Better Than Anything Else [Lauren Schwartz Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferDecember 22, 2021
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Why Video Ads in Social Media Convert Better Than Anything Else [Lauren Schwartz Interview]

Paid Social is a mainstream form of social media marketing, and while many focus on fine-tuning targeting, have you thought about the impact that different ad formats can have on your cost and ultimate ROI?

This episode features an interview with Lauren Schwartz, founder of the Creative Marketing Agency The Loft 325. Lauren is a design professional with over 15 years of experience, including 8 years working in digital marketing.

More importantly for us, her special power is in creating profitable creative strategies and creatives for e-commerce brands. and she is especially passionate about creating top-performing ad campaigns and creatives.

Listen in for her advice on:

  1. Understanding the different ad formats and advantages and disadvantages of each
  2. Why video ads are the best
  3. Tips and tricks to create them and optimize them for maximum conversion

Key Highlights

[00:01] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Lauren Schwartz

[02:58] Changes In Paid Social Over The Years

[04:41] Lauren's Journey To Paid Social Marketing

[07:09] How To Make Creative Branding And Creativity Organic And Authentic?

[09:57] Is Paid Social Beneficial For Businesses?

[11:18] Focus On Your Audience First

[11:59] Different Ad Formats

[14:55] The Trends In Different Story Formats

[16:19] Why Video Ads Perform The Best

[17:32] Navigating Video ROI

[20:25] TikTok Ads

[23:02] TikTok Ad Platform vs Facebook/Pinterest Ad

[23:38] Ad Targeting and Guidelines

[26:26] Tips And Tricks In Creating Ads

[30:19] Connect With Lauren

Notable Quotes

  • I think the biggest thing is really trying to focus in on creators who just genuinely do give really good testimonials, and really do kind of show that authentic side.
  • I'm making sure that the creators that we choose that if they do shoot content, that it doesn't seem sales, pitchy like I don't want them to seem like they're selling you something, I want them to talk to you I want them to make it seem like like they are really reviewing this product and talking about it.
  • I think really just making sure that you have audiences to even talk to is probably the biggest thing that I would say that you need to focus on first.
  • Now I kind of feel like more people are moving towards just different platforms really, like I don't necessarily think it's I mean, there's, there's so many trends and all the platforms. But I think the biggest thing is just, you know, making sure that it looks very organic.
  • The biggest thing with creating the creative is, you don't have to have like a super high end production. Like you really just have your iPhone and shoot the content. And again, just make it very organic, make it very conversational.

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