Why It's Time to Prune Your LinkedIn Connections
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferJune 30, 2015
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Why It's Time to Prune Your LinkedIn Connections

When Neal first started speaking and blogging about social media, he focused on LinkedIn. But the platform has changed so much since the beginning, and of course the interactions and recommended use of it have evolved too. Today, Neal is talking about editing your LinkedIn connections. Not only is it important to comb through your current connections to edit out people who may not be relevant for you, but it’s also good to have some guidelines for accepting new requests. You want your LinkedIn to be curated so it’s productive, fun, and adds value to your life and business.

Key Highlights

[012:03] My Upcoming Free Ebook On LinkedIn

[02:27] What Should You Do On Random Connection Requests?

[03:02] LinkedIn Lions Defined

[03:54] The LinkedIn Connection Policy

[04:31] Why I Am No Longer A LinkedIn Lion

[05:47] Time To Prune Your LinkedIn Connections!

[06:15] Instances When You Can Accept Connection Requests From Strangers

[07:20] Biggest Power of LinkedIn

[08:34] What To Do If You Are Unsure About A Connection Request

[09:07] Using New LinkedIn Requests to Prune Current LinkedIn Connections

[10:34] Key Distinguishers

[10:53] "Guilty By Association"

[12:17] The People You Should Prune

[14:46] Conclusion

Notable Quotes

  • There's value to be had in meeting with people, and engaging with people that you've never met before in the physical world.
  • But if there's a few people in your target industry, in your target geography, whatever it might be, that you can connect with that can really help gain new visibility, and potentially connectability, for lack of a better word into your target market or target company, very tactical advice.
  • If you want to engage with them, do what I recommend, you know, social selling best practices, engage with their updates, right, follow them engage with their updates, go to the groups that they're a member of, see, if they've, you know, posted anything, get an introduction for a friend, if you really want to connect with them.
  • But the real tangible value is if you were to request an introduction from them, are they going to step up to the plate for you? That's the key thing.
  •  And what this does is, it gives credibility to the fake profiles to the internet, slash social media marketers, and sort of the rotten eggs of LinkedIn that you probably don't want to be associated with, unless you, you know, want to sell to those people. But it gives them credibility, because it looks like you have a lot of mutual connection. 
  • And I'm going to recommend when you prune your LinkedIn connections, these are the people you want to prune. You want to prune those people that stay connected with the fake profiles, because they're giving you a false sense of social proof of all the other fake LinkedIn profiles out there.

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