Why Influencer Marketing is Your Best Marketing Investment When You Have Little Marketing Budget [Nisarg Shah Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferDecember 01, 2022
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Why Influencer Marketing is Your Best Marketing Investment When You Have Little Marketing Budget [Nisarg Shah Interview]

While we have covered a lot about influencer marketing on this podcast, there is one facet that we haven't looked at: The cost-effectiveness of influencer marketing.

As we head towards a potential recession in 2023 and marketing budgets are tight, this becomes even more important. That's why on this episode we will focus on why influencer marketing is such a great marketing investment when budgets are tight.

Topics we will cover include:

  • Why Influencer Marketing is the most flexible form of marketing investment through payment, product gifting, mentions, and more
  • The value of more authentic and relatable content to spend on vs. advertising push done directly by you
  • The fact that during a recession, people turn toward trusted voices
  • Influencers as affiliates = Measurable ROI + Massive Reach

Key Highlights

[02:30] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Nisarg Shah

[04:30] How Nisarg Got Into Influencer Marketing

[06:22] The Gaps Nisarg Found In Influencer Marketing in 2017

[09:08] Influencer Marketing's Flexibility

[13:25] How Influencer Marketing Can Help Brands Into Recession

[19:22] Affiliate Marketing in Affable.ai Tool

[22:35] The Hybrid Structure of Influencers and Affiliates

[26:35] Reasons Why Third-Party Platforms Still Add Value

[29:33] Best Practices in Influencer Marketing Industry

[31:46] Connect with Nisarg

[32:21] Affable.ai Price Point

Notable Quotes

  • The value you get from a creator is much more. And in this in these uncertain times. Brands are definitely kind of going back to the creators they trust and the creators they have a long-standing relationship with.
  • People typically tend to trust other people. And that's just our nature, that's word of mouth. I trust you because you talk about something. Entity pushing me a product. So just marketing works, because we trust people who are creating this content. And in these times, influencer, marketing works even better, because now, users are careful about who they trust, and they turn towards trusted advisors.
  • I think who we trust online has really evolved. at the end of the day, this raw and real content and the people behind it, those seem to be the ones that we trust more right? Than those shiny looking, whether they're an ad or they're like a shiny looking mega celebrity influencer.
  • Influencers are amazing affiliates because they give you both gives you an ability to reach massive, massive scale, even if people don't die, but at the same time, they give you an ability to convert.
  • If you are a brand, and you're listening to this and planning to work with influencers, certain guidelines, but let them come up with the content, because they know what resonates with their followers, the best, and different influencers would have a different tone and message that they know works best. 

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