Why I Am Doubling Down on Blogging - and Why You Should, Too
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferNovember 04, 2021
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Why I Am Doubling Down on Blogging - and Why You Should, Too

A lot has been said about blogging, both good and bad. Is it dying? Isn't social media more important? All of these arguments miss the point: In a Digital First world, being visible in search engines should be of utmost importance to every business, and, when done right, blogging holds the keys to success.

Learn from my own success in blogging and why I continue to double - triple - quadruple down on it and the concrete steps that your business can take to do the same in this episode of my podcast.

Key Highlights

[01:31] When Did I Start The Process of Doubling Down On My Blogging

[02:07] What Can I Do To Get The Word Out About My Book?

[03:33] Seach and Social on Social Media

[04:19] YouTube and Google Search Engine Strategy

[06:23] The Things That Dominate Search Engine Results

[07:33] What You Need to Do If You Find Bad Content On Your Website

[09:27] Why I Create My Own Library of Content

[12:42] The Statistics I Get After Creating Library of Content

Notable Quotes

  • So list building strategies, and then leveraging technology that allows you to utilize marketing automation, to improve your chances of converting people on your list.
  • You need to share your perspective, you need to help people you need to help them make or help other businesses make the right decision, and they are not being served by the current search results.
  • Blogging is about building equity. It's about creating assets.
  • I'm building up my library, and I'm seeing that the strategy is working because I'm genuinely creating useful content for people without trying to sell them a tool.
  • I am going to start treating all this content not as a one and done, but as assets that have long term shelf life, and I'm going to start a process of revising them.
  • If you're not creating that content that is truly useful and resourceful that would normally be in the format of a blog because you are missing out on the search aspect of this. In fact, everybody's searching is going to your competitor, or they're going to irrelevant or bad content.
  • It begins with the mindset that the search engine rankings are exposing bad incompletes old or irrelevant content and my company or me, I can do better. I am the best I am the expert, our company's the expert, we need to get this content out there. And when you have that mindset and when you have that passion, you can achieve exactly what I did.

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