Why and How Online Business Success Often Comes Down to Relationships That You Must Build [The Product Boss Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferSeptember 22, 2021
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Why and How Online Business Success Often Comes Down to Relationships That You Must Build [The Product Boss Interview]

The world of advertisement has truly changed. Consumers are now savvy and smart – they know if the advertiser is genuine or not. In addition, the channels in which you can connect to your customers are continuously expanding. As a product-based business owner, you may wonder, how can I make my business a success?

Well, worry no more because, in this episode, we have the experts and the combined force behind The Product Boss Podcast -- Minna Khounlo-Sithep and Jacqueline Snyder, who will help you make your dreams come true! Join me as we learn everything you need to build a successful product-based business - and the importance that you need to always place on relationships.

Key Highlights

[01:28] Introduction of Podcast Guest, The Product Boss -- Minna Khounlo-Sithep and Jacqueline Snyder

[02:26] Who Are The Product Boss?

[03:42] How "The Product Boss" Started

[05:42] How Marketing Products Changed in the Age of Social Media

[08:46] The Most Effective Way of Connecting with Your Customer

[10:13] Will Product-Based Business Work on a Team?

[14:15] Curating the Right People to Talk About Your Brand

[17:49] Most Successful Ways to Grow a Product-Based Business Today

[21:12] The Things I Should Pay Attention as A Product-Based Business Owner

[22:46] Mistakes to Avoid When Running a Product-Based Business

[25:03] The Product Boss' Advice

[29:03] Connect with Jacqueline and Mina

Notable Quotes

  • What we've seen is people buy from people. So no matter what you're doing, if you're building a business right now, it really is about that relationship.
  • It's really about getting customers to be obsessed with you. And it's harder for them to be obsessed with you trust you feel like they're part of your life or that you resonate, or they resonate with your part of life, when it's a product that's forward facing versus a person that's telling you why the product matters to you, and why it matters to them.
  • Whenever we coach people to hire on for their team, it's values based. So you hire for values before you hire for skill, because you can always teach skill.
  • The influencer has to be able to develop their own story how they speak how they talk. That's why their audience engage with them. And so it really is about the story and how it's told by the influencer.
  • We're digital marketers, we could come up with 100 different ideas of courses, and coaching programs, and masterminds and all the things but we try and stay sort of within our niche and make sure that we're kind of honing in and focusing on what our customers need.

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