What You Need to Know about Video and Social Media Marketing
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferOctober 21, 2013
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What You Need to Know about Video and Social Media Marketing

An interview with Jayson Duncan of Miller Farm Media talking about the convergence of the art of video and social media.

Key Highlights

[00:22] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Jayson Duncan

[01:37] The FFFirst Thing Jayson Recommends to Clients Who Want to Record Video

[02:40] The Adven of Social Media and Popularity of YouTube

[03:07] How to Convey Emotion In A Video

[04:28] The Core of Who Your Company Are and What You Do

[05:12] How Jayson Helps His Clients Find Hidden Stories

[06:08] Quality Forms of Video

[08:03] The ROI of Video Marketing

[11:19] Should A CEO Be Out In A Video?

[12:40] Final Thoughts

Notable Quotes

  • They need to think about the story they want to tell, and they need to make sure that their that story is cohesive across all the social media channels, it really needs to take a lot of time to think how does this fit our brand overall, as this voice fit that brand.
  • It goes back to terms overused, but content is king. So having content that fits your brand and hits all the metrics you're trying to hit is very important tells that story. The next piece is that story needs to have an emotion to it. People buy emotionally, they don't buy rationally. So what is the emotion that your video is going to have to engage the audience?
  • My answer circles back around it actually is about storytelling. And that's really the best way find out what you do that's unique, how you've got above and beyond why you do what you do those all their stories and all of that. And that's really what can take your video to the next level.
  • We really take the time to get to know them. And that's one of the best parts of this job is you get to learn things about people and see behind the scenes of places that no one else is really allowed to go. Because you've you've got to find those stories.
  • So it's about finding that happy medium. The hard part is that video is expensive, no matter how you slice it. I mean, there's always someone that's willing to work cheaper, and you can always find that guy, but there's risks there, too. So what do you do as a business, you have to know that at least to get a decent picture and a decent audio.
  • And more than anything, I realized that video really is an art in many ways, and not just the storytelling, but there's so many different ways to tell that story visually, audibly, that are all going to create these unique emotions that we went through.
  • And I think a lot of people probably think of video as something well, it's part of an infrastructure in order for us to humanize our brand and tell our story. It's something that if we have a website, we should have a video up there that really, you know, tries to to bring people in and get them deeper into our website and you know, contact us but also that tactical way of thinking about your marketing funnel. 
  • And really to look at video, how can it enhance every step of the customer experience from when they first contact you to now they're satisfied, they're happy customers, and we want to get more, have them refer people to us and get more business from them and all those things.

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