What Leaders Need to Know about Leveraging Influence
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferApril 22, 2021
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What Leaders Need to Know about Leveraging Influence

If you want your organization to yield more influence in social media, or if you are looking for your employees to become more active in social media to raise your company's digital profile, this episode is for you.

Listen to all of my advice that you as a leader can do to push the ball forward on leveraging influence that can impact your entire organization.

Key Highlights

[03:31] Why and How Every Business Should Become More Influential

[04:24] Become The Influencer
You, as the leader of the company or brand, should be the influencer. Leverage your title and be more active in social media because you are indirectly representing your company or employee.

[06:22] Setting Yourself As A Role Model To Your Employees

[08:12] Leverage Others Content
Use your employee's success stories and use their content as part of your social media profile and make them a hero.

[10:37] The Importance of Having an Internal Training System

[11:42] Invest and Empower Your Employees
If you want your employees to do better and shine in social media, empower and invest in them.

[11:52] Ways You Can Empower Your Employees

[14:52] Investing in Tools, Technology and Other Programs
Find some tools or technology that can help your employees work and perform better on social media. You can also enroll them in some programs or additional training.

[17:21] Summary

Notable Quotes

  • The first one as I hinted that every brand should try to become more influential is to become the influencer.
  • Use your social media presence, don't rely on others, to become influencers for your company, don't rely on all your employee influences you should become one of them.
  • If you really want to become that role model, carve the path for others to follow.
  • Make your employees the heroes of your stories.
  • If we can leverage other people's content, it allows us to be able to engage through content, and engage with people that engage with our content, it actually gives us more time to engage with people.
  • Considering investing in tools and technology to complement what your company already has to help your employees perform better on social media.
  • It's all about empowering them and taking it one step further.

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