What Content Marketers Can Learn From Publishers

What Content Marketers Can Learn From Publishers

Neal is at the Corporate Social Media Summit this week, speaking and leading panels on all things social media and content creation. In this episode, he chats with Saul Leal, the Director of the Family Share Network, a group of Facebook pages, websites, and other social media accounts. They discuss how to create engaging content, how to monetize social media content and drive traffic to a website, and why publishing is more of a dialogue now than a monologue as it used to be.

Key Highlights

[01:07] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Sal Liao

[01:41] Who is CompTIA

[03:17] Sal's Business Model

[04:33] The Concept of Alignment

[07:45] How to Create Content that Feeds Special Moments

[08:12] Concept of Passion Pages

[09:04] Importance of Having Content that Resonates Audience

[10:30] Connect with Sal

Notable Quotes

  • But the first thing is understanding the passion, the passion of our team, the passion and the vision of the organization, and ultimately, the passion of the consumer. And once we understand that passion, it's we provide engagement, and that engagement needs a purpose. And in our case, the purpose for social is driving traffic to our website.
  • But I think that in the ecosystem of industries and the relationship of those industries, one actually succeeds on the internet one is really good at one thing.
  • It's all about that loyalty. And the challenge has been publishers, they, they still think that publishing is a monologue. And what social media has brought it here was not it's not a monologue anymore, it's a dialogue.
  • And anyone can can can do this passion pages is basically understanding what is the competitive advantage, what is the aggregated value that your brand brings, brings your users in our case, we will provide content for families, so anyone that loves their families should be green or content. And that's what we call pages. 
  • And it's really all about being from the computer in front of the analytics tool. And understanding why is the content that resonates with the audience, of course, and also taking consideration your own POV your own point of view in your strategy. 
  • You want people to share that content, to feel proud of that content and to feel that that content is so good in such a great way that a little bit of that content, it's part of them or they're part of that content in that way they share it. And for us. That's our objective.

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