What can social media do for MY business?

What can social media do for MY business?

A holistic and realistic perspective on the role social media marketing can play at your business.

Key Highlights

[01:08] How to Get Started in Social Media?

[01:57] What Social Media Can Do for Me?

[02:59] Push-Pull Approach

[03:12] Ways of Driving Consumer Demand

[03:31] One Thing that Most Companies Forget

[04:10] How Much will this Cost?

[05:09] The Beautiful Thing About Social Media

[05:50] Relationships Doesn't Happen Overnight

[06:53] Start Small

[06:59 What Immediate Results You Will See

Notable Quotes

  • So the question really becomes and I asked this of all my clients, and you need to ask yourself as well, how did you go about getting leads before social media?
  • Can social media first of all help in that process.?And obviously, if you're doing b2b sales, social media, we all know can be a great help starting with LinkedIn to try to find decision makers. And then by sharing and creating your own content to try to influence them, and is creating sort of icebreakers to start conversations with. 
  • And once you start having ecommerce, you're now selling directly to people. And when you're selling directly to people, obviously, social media can play a very, very important role.
  • And that's one of the pieces of advice I gave the gentleman is having a strong social media program is going to have positive influence when you negotiate with these companies, not just for your own ecommerce, but also to show that you are a respected brand that has a following.
  • It's that sort of calculation that you need at the end. The day for each type of marketing that you do on each channel to really drive the ROI home.
  • But if you're not going to do social media, what are you going to do, it's going to cost a lot of money. The beautiful thing about social media, it's free. The problem is once you start outsourcing that social media, it's not free anymore. 
  • I like to empower social media agencies, social media consultants to help them out. But I also like to empower my direct customers, to help them do it on themselves to look for internal talent that can do it for them.
  • But yes, if you're trying to create relationships with people you've never met, it doesn't happen overnight. Why would social media be any different, it's going to require a constant daily presence, the presence doesn't have to take a long time, it's going to require a daily presence nevertheless, and it's going to require the creating of content, right, whether it's blogs, or photos or videos. 
  • And in the future, as your brand gets well known, you may not have to develop as much of your own content, and you can be curating the content of your fans, and sharing that with your communities.
  •  The other result is, when you do that, in combination with creating more content, you're not only going to get new website visitors from social media, but you're going to start getting a lot more website visitors from Google, because the search engines will index your content. 

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