Want to Improve Your Social Media Marketing? Start with These 6 Ideas
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferNovember 19, 2014
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Want to Improve Your Social Media Marketing? Start with These 6 Ideas

This episode goes into depth on what a pre-sales social media consulting call would look like, and with that six ideas to improve your social media that go above and beyond social media.

Key Highlights

[02:04] Importance of Social Proof

[03:10] What Should You Do to Acquire More Followers?

[03:37] Let's First Work on Your Message

[04:24] People Need to Have A Crystal Clear of What You Do When They View Your Website

[05:18] What I Find In A Lot of Startup Businesses

[05:52] Utilizing Your Employee Through Employee Advocacy Program

[06:50] What is Affiliate Marketing

[08:02] Integrating Affiliate Marketing Into Your Website

[08:42] Step #3: Build Your List

[09:35] Step #4: Blog

[10:07] Leveraging the Visual

[11:08] Paid Social

Notable Quotes

  • I'd rather have a small army of passionate fans than a large army of crickets.
  • And you may see success stories of some companies that were lucky in the right place at the right time had that one special person find their content and share it to their million followers. But for 99.99% of us, that really doesn't happen. If it did happen, it would just be too easy.
  • For me, the social media followers, yeah, you can use social media to help amplify your message. But what is your message, let's first work on that.
  • And that's why with social media, your websites are more important than ever.
  • Once again, instead of trying to have you go against the world, you then as part of your program, begin to do a blogger outreach program or influencer marketing campaign where you start to reach out to people and say, hey, you know, I have a product that I think would be genuinely aligned with what you do for a living, would you be interested in it.
  • But genuinely having people promote your product and sharing the wealth with them. And if they believe in your product, they will do that, right.
  • All you need is a handful of them in social media that can really help amplify your message in a way that you yourself can't because you're a brand and they're a person, and they already have a loyal following.
  •  How can I leverage the visual to create a magnet, that's going to be not only more engaging with my readers, but also that I can utilize social media to help draw more people to my content to my presence? 
  • I'd rather you complement your organic efforts with a little bit of paid, you know, five bucks, 10 bucks, 20 bucks on Facebook, can help you generate a certain amount of results that can help complement everything else that you're doing. 

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