Understanding the LinkedIn Publishing Audience
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferAugust 05, 2014
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Understanding the LinkedIn Publishing Audience

Neal reveals his "aha!" moment from his recent blog post on LinkedIn and offers advice on better understanding the unique demographic that is viewing your blog posts on LinkedIn.

Key Highlights

[00:40] Understanding the Audience for Your LinkedIn Blog Posts

[00:56] My LinkedIn Resources

[01:54] How I Consider LinkedIn

[02:11] My AHA Moment

[02:53] My Free Ebook

[03:47] What I Did to Introduce My New Ebook on LinkedIn

[05:48] The Power of Comments on LinkedIn

[07:35] LinkedIn Is A Unique Community

Notable Quotes

  • There's a lot of people who say, Well, I have a blog, I don't want to create special content for LinkedIn, that's just a waste of time, I'll just, you know, republish my own content on LinkedIn. And you know, there's a lot of people that are doing that, in all honesty, and some of them have been really successful, I have not taken that approach. I love the approach. And if you're going to make content, make it work. And if you're going to publish the same content, at least, you need to rephrase it for the LinkedIn community. 
  • I'm not saying that I copy and pasted a particular blog post and publish it on LinkedIn for the first time.
  • But it's really interesting to see the quality and the power of the comments I got, because they weren't coming from just blog readers who happen to find me on Pinterest or stumble upon these were coming from decision makers, former CEOs and CMOS on LinkedIn.
  • So to me, I'm just giving a preview of what's coming in mainstream corporate America, but on LinkedIn to others that are not part of the social media world that I'm in. It was quote, unquote, a thought provoking piece. 
  • And it's sort of repeated what I thought are reiterated what I thought that is, if you're just gonna cut and paste what you blog, on your blog, or LinkedIn, it's not gonna be nearly as effective if you have the topic and the tone and the perspective that these decision makers are looking for on LinkedIn.
  • B ut once you guest blog somewhere else, whether it be on LinkedIn publishing platform or on someone else's platform, you need to retool your content, your perspective, even your call to action for that unique community. But regardless, it just goes to show you that you blog for your community, if it's on your own blog, you none, you understand your community, your target user.

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