]This is How You Create a Community in Social Media through a Social Media Campaign
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferNovember 26, 2014
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]This is How You Create a Community in Social Media through a Social Media Campaign

Neal shares best practices with social media campaigns by showcasing Passion Planner's Kickstarter campaign and what can be learned from it.

Key Highlights

[01:40] What's the Best Social Media Campaign for Me?

[02:45] What Are the Best Practices in Creating Campaigns?

[03:45] The Passion Planner

[05:58] One of the Things I Like About The Passion Planner

[07:54] The Kickstarter Campaign (Mini Version)

[10:05] Why I Think The Passion Planner Is A Great Tactic

[10:37] Other Interesting Things About the Passion Planner

[12:38] The Social Good Component

[13:56] My View on Social Media Campaigns

Notable Quotes

  • So you know, what that brings us to is that people are the best sellers, people associate the best with people. And it's the people centric part of this, which really draws people especially if you are trying to attract consumers, I guess it will work for b2b as well. But so it's the person and it's their story. And they go through why they created this product, how it helped them how they think it can help you. 
  •  I have so much belief that passion planner can be a catalyst to change someone's life that I feel that anyone should be able to use it regardless of their financial ability.
  • We believe that anybody should get access to it. If you believe in the product, even if you don't want to invest, just have a share, we'll give you something. I think that is a great tactic. 
  • Once again, there is a strong human element here that ties into our emotions. With social good, we all want to feel good about it. But if you thought that was enough, no, there's more here.
  • But I want you to see a social media campaign. And rarely a Kickstarter campaign that creates a tie a human tie and emotional bond with the person who created the product through the video that authentically allows you to get something free, even if you don't want to invest in the project, because you might be interested in the product allows you to do that by authentically sharing on any you know, any social media channel that you want.
  •  And when you mentioned the word community, obviously, you better have a community otherwise, I don't think it's going to resonate with people. I believe that this product does have it through all of the things that they're doing. And I think that once you have that strong community, it's going to help propel future success, as in creating new products, new Kickstarter campaigns for promotion, whatever this brand decides to do.
  • And this whole community aspect that we are here because of our community, we want to support our community that really permeates itself throughout everything that they say on their website. And that's just a brilliant example that I think is is really, really hard for a lot of companies to emulate. 

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