There are Options: How to Help Your Small Business through Social Media Marketing
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferFebruary 11, 2015
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There are Options: How to Help Your Small Business through Social Media Marketing

I get a lot of requests from various businesses saying, “We’re behind on our social media, and we need help.” A lot of these calls for help are coming from people with small businesses, so today I want to discuss some of the options that are available for you, such as working with consultants, agencies, and virtual assistants. We know that social media requires its own set of skills, so it’s important to be willing to dedicate the time to educate and the money to get you access to resources that can help take your business to the next level.

Key Highlights

[02:20] The Business of Social Media

[03:13] The Challenges That Businesses Have with Social

[07:27] Where Do I Fit In the Challenges?

[07:35] Services I Offer

[10:05] Why I've Been Doing Social Media Consulting

[11:21] The Reality of Social Media Consulting

[12:16] My Response to Businesses Reaching Out to Me

[13:12] My Philosophy on the Business of Social Media

Notable Quotes

  • You know, social media is not like SEO, or web design where it's purely technical. It's not like an ad campaign where here's some money, send me some creatives I'll prove one and send me the leads or, you know, if it's just print or you may not have leads, just show me the magazines after you publish them. And it's obviously very different because it requires a lot of messaging. And you know that that messaging really goes deep into who you are, what you know what type of company you are, what is your brand about. And that's really the hard thing.
  • But the unifying aspect of both of these is, I only work with companies that are willing to invest some time in educating themselves and wanting to do it themselves, or at least managing the process themselves so that they can manage the people that they hire.
  • You obviously need to make a living. And people can't scale. So if you hire people go to agency route, you need to be able to charge a decent amount in order to be able to scale as a human being right? If you go to consultant route, well, you need to be able to get paid what you're worth, and you're probably worth a lot more than what a lot of businesses are willing to pay you. And this, this is the challenge.
  • So you know, my reply to when these businesses reach out to me is, hey, it's one you know, one of three ways, do a Google for social media management services, blindly throw the money, hopefully, you'll find some good look for a virtual system.
  • One of his brands is called Abundance marketing. And I love that term, because there really is no competition. I know that some potential competitors are listening to this podcast, maybe you're taking notes, maybe you're learning from it, and it's helping your business. And that's great. I love it. I love helping people, even if you're in the same industry, because you know what? It comes down at the end of the day to relationships? Who are the customers that you have? What relationships do you have with them? Because if I don't have a relationship with them, and you do, I'm not going to get the business anyway, doesn't really matter. Right? 

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