The YouTube Formula: The Definitive Guide to YouTube Marketing [Derral Eves Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferAugust 25, 2022
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The YouTube Formula: The Definitive Guide to YouTube Marketing [Derral Eves Interview]

YouTube can be a powerful force in digital marketing when leveraged correctly. Many businesses just use YouTube as a place to upload their videos, but when used strategically, YouTube can generate video views in the thousands (if not millions) that can lead to massive business for those that get it.

Joining me today is the person that I can honestly call the world's expert on YouTube marketing, author of The YouTube Formula, Derral Eves. Listening to this very special episode will give you all you need to start leveraging YouTube as a strategic marketing channel.

Key Highlights

[02:17] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Derral Eves

[05:41] How Derral Got Into YouTube

[08:09] Derral's Love and Passion for Marketing

[14:06] An Example of Brand That Leveraged User Generated Content

[18:10] Doing Preparatory Things

[24:03] Paying Attention to YouTube Analytics Data

[32:46] Getting to the Tipping Point of YouTube?

[38:01] Darrel's Advice on Making Sure People Stay in Your Videos

Notable Quotes

  • That's how I've been able to generate over 86 billion video views on YouTube and have some of the biggest successes because we focus on the viewer and that viewers journey through the video.
  • I think that's what brands need to do I think we get so fixated on our product or service, that we miss how the product or service could be demonstrated to a wide general more of audience and really refined, and I've worked with so many businesses, that, that they have a great product, but they don't know how to explain it, they don't know how to get it out for the world, instead of saying, Look, you know, we have a great product, but how are we going to explain it in a way that brings value to people.
  • And so a lot of this stuff comes back through creativity, but I think it goes back down to that advice is just lock yourself in a room for a couple of days and really focus on how you bring value to the general audience and how do you narrow it down to your target audience? And then how do you get the target audience to engage enough that they become your army promoting your products. We need to do more preparatory things at the beginning instead of reactionary.
  • The more that you can resonate with your vision, mission purpose, around anything, that's where some magic can happen down the road.
  • But I found that it takes a good solid year of consistently posting to start seeing some momentum. If you're looking at the right type of data, if you're not looking at the right type of data, or you're not bringing value to a specific viewer, and you're all over the place, it could take a millennia before you even see any progress.
  • You can get very tactical with YouTube ads, and you can do it for very cheap to get into all the people that just watch the videos that you don't even have to serve as anyone else. 

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