The State of the Social Media Marketing Union Today

The State of the Social Media Marketing Union Today

A deep analysis of Social Media Examiner's 5th annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report. Learn where the social media marketing market is today and what trends are in store for its future.

Key Highlights

[01:48] The 2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report

[02:54] Survey Participants Demographics

[03:28] The Most Interesting Takeaway on the Report

[03:50] The Fifth Most Popular Question

[04:20] The Third Most Popular Question

[05:03] What Worries Me

[06:24] Huge Potential for Social Media Profession

[06:46] Other Date Points

[07:26] The Benefits of Social Media

[09:27] Spending Time on Social Media

[10:51] The Intangible Benefits

[11:57] Start Blogging

[13:15] The Other Surprising Stats

Notable Quotes

  • 83% of those that are engaged in social media that were questioned, actually don't know how to create a social media strategy. It's sort of worrying that, in essence, more than 80% of marketers that are engaging in social media don't really have a strategy. And because they don't have a strategy that sort of answers these other questions.
  • But what also worries me not only the fact that only 17% of marketers feel that social media strategy creation is not a significant issue, but that 88% don't know how to engage that they don't understand the best ways to engage with your audience. 90% don't understand the tactics.
  • I think this is indicative of perhaps the people that are doing the social media marketing on behalf of their company, may not be as experienced in all the platforms, or maybe are relatively new, even though there were a number of people knew according to the demographics and the study, but not everybody.
  • It's really surprising that that many people would want those questions answered, it really makes you see that a lot of the social media marketing you see out there is still at a very, I would call it an introductory stage.
  •  Why aren't 83% of marketers spending more time in the trenches engaging with others, following others reading information, experimenting, trying to figure it out?
  • f you're trying to create an objective and determine ROI KPIs, you know, it's either increased sales or decreased expenses, or it's going to be an intangible benefit, that's going to be very hard to calculate. And everybody looks at the increased sales, and decreased expenses, I believe that social media can be equally important.
  • As I say, for every social media strategy that I create, a blog is always a centerpiece of that strategy.
  •  So clearly the wave of the future is that companies want to do social media themselves and avoid outsourcing.
  • That's not surprising if social media relies on engagement, social media relies on content, on strategy on analytics, and what have you. But you also need a lot of graphics, whether they're infographics or whether you set up pages, or photos that you want to create to help your Facebook or Pinterest postings go viral, or what have you. 

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