The (Social Media) Marketing Trends You Need to Understand Today [Matt Navarra Interview]
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferJanuary 03, 2019
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The (Social Media) Marketing Trends You Need to Understand Today [Matt Navarra Interview]

Social media keeps changing. It seems that every few weeks you hear that Facebook has some new algorithm that messes up all the energy you’ve been putting into it. Then a new feature appears and everyone tells you how amazing it is for branding and marketing. And then it turns out that it’s not as amazing as everyone says (remember Periscope?). How do we keep track of the social media marketing trends? How do we adapt? How do make sure to stay atop of the ever-flowing changes but at the same time never waste too much energy on them either? Today I interview an expert to help you answer all those questions about social media marketing trends. During my recent trip around the world, I was able to go to the "Spark" conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I finally had a chance to meet up with someone I've known and respected in social media for quite some time: Matt Navarra, a social media consultant and former social media director for the The Next Web as well as consultant to organizations such as the United Nations and BBC. In this interview I talk with Matt about what has happened to social media in the past 12 months and what’s next for the future with regards to social media marketing trends. Should businesses continue experimenting with Facebook? How can brands make use of both Instagram and Facebook Stories? What is the next big thing? Listen to find out!

Key Highlights

[01:09] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Matt Navarra

[02:47] Areas Where Matt Is Shifting Focus On

[03:48] Is Facebook Underutilized By Brands?

[05:08] How Matt Helps Brands Create Visual Content Strategy Around Stories

[06:39] Tools That Matt Recommends

[08:27] The Instagram Swipe Up Feature and Facebook Stories

[11:33] Matt's Take on Pinterest

[13:35] Trends That Brands Should Be Focusing Now

[18:57] Matt's Advice on Creating Strategy

[20:35] Final Thoughts

[22:00] Connect With Matt

Notable Quotes

  • So the big thing that most people are talking about at the moment is really moving away more than ever, from focusing on Facebook pages, and also post pages and profiles in general. And it's that trend of people wanting to understand the value and how to leverage the value from stories as a format, which is not new, per see.
  • Well, the first thing is that, you know, there's you don't always have to do all yourself and sometimes I think brands and both small and large organizations try and do everything themselves.
  • I think that some of the best stuff that's created is often the simplest, and the little things that look more most authentic. It's not a medium that needs to be polished, I think the more polished it is, the less authentic it becomes. And that's when it kind of loses its value.
  • It all comes down ultimately to how creative you've been in kind of steering people towards swipe up, also giving them a reason or inner motivation, a desire to want to see what it is that you needed to do to take that next action. So it's really it's the classic stuff back to marketing is creating the desire, making it easy to do, giving them something that they can't get somewhere else, all of that stuff and making the call to action

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