The Simple Formula to Social Media Marketing Success
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferMarch 21, 2022
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The Simple Formula to Social Media Marketing Success

I just came back from speaking at Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices, the leading real estate company in the United States and the World, annual convention. Working with realtors I have realized 2 truths:

  1. They are entrepreneurs and need to build their own business like any other business owner
  2. Like most entrepreneurs, a lot of them simply don't have the time and/or resource to consistently show up on social media

While there are some EXTREMELY savvy real estate pros when it comes to social media, from a numbers perspective, my experience is that an overwhelming majority are still looking for the magic bullet to help them gain value from social media, where they know they need to be more often.

Whether or not you are in social media, I am hoping this message resonates with you as well!

With that in mind, in this episode I share with you a simple formula to give you some boundaries yet concrete guidance to make the most of social media marketing in the smallest amount of time necessary.

I hope this inspires YOU to ACTION!

Key Highlights

[03:50] What I Noticed On Successful Real Estate Agents And Salespeople

[05:36] Reimagining Content for More Impactful Social Media Marketing

[07:43] People Want To Engage With People, Not Objects

[08:4] It's All About Action

[09:35] Include Yourself More In Your Content

[10:15] Visualize Everything That You Do

[11:42] Stick With Big 3 Platforms

[15:00] When To Customize Content For Every Platform

[15:47] Things to Remember If You Want to Publish Same Content Across Platform

[20:00] It's Okay to Include Yourself In Your Content

Notable Quotes

  • I find that a lot of real estate agents, a lot of salespeople, and a lot of businesses are self promotional in their content and social media, which tells me, they don't look at social media as this golden arena where we can develop relationships of value with all sorts of entities, all sorts of people.
  • But more than often, people want to see you they want to engage with you, they engage more with people than they do with logos or inanimate objects. It is just the general rule of human beings and, and how and why we engage with people. And this is what social media is all about.
  • I want to challenge you to be 100% visual, with your content. This is what social networks want. This is what people engage with more. And at the end of the day, this is going to get you the most eyeballs.
  • this is what I want you to think about when it comes to your social media marketing. It should be a process, it should be a system because I want you to save time for the actual engagement for the proactive engagement of finding new people reaching out to new people and the reactive engagement of obviously being there when people engage with you. 
  • And once again, save your creative juices for the engagement and for the content. 
  • There's always room to let people know what makes you tick, what you enjoy doing, what you're passionate about so that people get to know you better. And not only does that build up your personal brand in their eyes, but it makes a deeper emotional attachment. 

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