The Secrets to Successful Social Selling with Jon Ferrara of Nimble
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferAugust 09, 2023
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The Secrets to Successful Social Selling with Jon Ferrara of Nimble

Highlighting an industry trailblazer, I'm honored to host Jon Ferrara, the tech visionary behind Goldmine, once the largest CRM in the world, and Nimble, the pioneer of social CRMs. Buckle up as Jon takes us on a journey exploring how to turn social media into a goldmine of sales leads, stake your claim with influencers, and leverage social media to resonate with your audience.

Strap yourself in for an expedition into the world of relationships - building, scaling, and managing them effectively over time. Jon underscores the lifeblood of purpose in our ventures, and how digital platforms can be harnessed to amplify our humanity and carve out a robust brand. We delve into the promise of technology to bolster business strategies, and the crucial need to be authentic in engagements.

As we round up, Jon gifts us with his wisdom on establishing business habits and workflows, emphasizing the crucial role of customer feedback in product evolution. We explore the intersection of social selling and influencer marketing and the power they wield in scaling businesses. This episode, brimming with invaluable tips and strategies, is your key to unlocking the potential of social selling and digital marketing.

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