The Only Constant in Your Career is Change: Learn to Embrace It (Part 1)

The Only Constant in Your Career is Change: Learn to Embrace It (Part 1)

Neal provides his advice that he recently gave LinkedIn on career change and learning to adapt to - and thrive on - the constant change that is part of our everyday life.

Key Highlights

[00:57] Career Curveball Series

[04:06] How Life Prepare Us to Run the Bases

[06:29] Planning on Starting My Career in China

[08:35] Nothing Is Static

[09:17] Starting My Career with Sales and Marketing

[11:35] Becoming the China Sales Pioneer

[16:32] Facing A New Reality

Notable Quotes

  • It gave me a chance to really look back into my past into my entire career, and analyze not the one curveball but the many curveballs and how it has affected the way that I look at social media in the way that I hope you look at social media as well. 
  • The only constant in your career is change, learn to embrace it. 
  • I love to talk about social media as being an experiment. You always need to be doing different things and changing things. Because it's always changing. I think a career is the exact same, but I learned to embrace it.
  • Life will always throw you curves, just keep fouling them off, the right pitch will come. But when it does, be prepared to run the bases. 
  • The more of that experience and all the varied experiences that we have, the better it prepares us to run the bases. 
  • As my father said, business is really about learning how to communicate with people and learning how to communicate your own ideas to other people from various cultural and historical backgrounds.
  • When I talk with other people in social media, I tell them or you know, small business owners, entrepreneurs, self employed professionals, like myself, make internal deadlines almost on a quarterly basis and try to stick to them. 
  • Now, hopefully, you'll agree with me that sometimes we go through life so quick, that we forget to take a break, and smell the roses.

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