The Hidden Power of Google Plus Circle Sharing
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferDecember 31, 2013
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The Hidden Power of Google Plus Circle Sharing

Have you ever shared a Circle on Google Plus or seen others sharing one? Learn about their hidden powers and how to leverage what most businesses have yet to figure out!

Key Highlights

[01:43] The Advantage of Google Plus

[02:49] Looking at the Early Days of Twitter

[02:58] The Challenge with Google Plus

[04:18] My Suggestions For You with Google Plus

[04:47] The Initial Step of Engagement You Should Be Doing

[05:11] One of the Interesting Things You Can Do to Engage in Google Plus

[05:24] The Power of Circle Sharing

[06:55] Why Circle Sharing?

[07:55] Circle Sharing As A Form of Engagement

[10:11] The Most Underutilized Aspect of Social Media Marketing

Notable Quotes

  • I do believe it is starting to reach that tipping point where people are no longer asking, Well, I thought Google Plus was a ghost town, or why should my company be on it? And realizing that it is a natural extension of a communication channel that your social media program should make sure it encompasses, right.
  • And it hurts me that also, no one is talking about LinkedIn, it's just a place where you go to look for a job, people realize that it is a professional networking environment with, you know, obviously chances to exhibit your thought leadership to learn, and also to develop new business relationships.
  • I'll talk about my experiment a bit is obviously you want to find those people that are actually engaging on Google Plus.
  • I saw a lot of people sharing that I thought, you know, what, I want to help other people find those that are actually engaging with my content. In other words, these are people that are plus money that are commenting that are sharing, they're real people. And they have an interest in social media content, which a lot of my other followers do as well, people are on Google Plus not just looking for information, but to find other people to follow into to make new relationships, right.
  • So by looking at the circles that are shared by the people that you respect, and that you follow, it gives you a good introduction to people that have been vetted, that you may want to follow as well.
  • It's about really the people and bringing people together because of a common interest. And I believe, and this is one of the most underutilized aspects of social media marketing.
  • I believe that brands business pages, sharing circles of their fans, ideally, fans that have engaged with them, right, but sharing circles with their fans and highlighting their fans. 
  • I think that can be a very, very special way to engage with your fans to thank your fans, to build a deeper relationship with your fans. And most of all, to create that community so that fans can discover each other. And thank you for that and really build a stronger and deeper community, as a byproduct of that data is something okay, that you can't do on any other platform.

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