The Future of A.I. is NOW: 15 Takeaways from Jasper's Generative AI Conference
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferFebruary 27, 2023
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The Future of A.I. is NOW: 15 Takeaways from Jasper's Generative AI Conference

The use of AI in marketing and business in general is evolving much quicker than you might think. I had a chance to attend Jasper's Generative AI conference in San Francisco this month and wanted to share with you how far things are progressing and the impact it is already having on marketing and business.

Tune in and I trust that you will also come to the same understanding that the future of A.I. is now and that is not a question of experimentation but of serious strategizing and implementation.

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Key Highlights

[04:52] The First Successful AI Program

[06:00] Turning Points that Defined Modern Business

[06:52] Generative AI Defined

[08:26] Generative AI for Content Creation

[10:08] Jasper AI Features and Evolution

[14:32] AI for Marketing

[21:06] Possible Decline of Search Engine Traffic

[25:25] The Creativity AI Can Foster

[29:52] AI's Impact on the Business World

[33:09] AI for Co-development

[35:16] How AI Makes Content Marketing Accessible

[40:42] How to Future Proof

[45:25] AI Literacy and AI Hallucinations

[49:47] Why You Should Continue Using Jasper

Notable Quotes

  • The only thing that has ever held our ideas back has been an inability to convey them. Thus, from AI, creating that content, the hours reclaimed that we can invest into thinking, expanding and refining ideas, and creating even better content is innumerable. 
  • Today, baseline AI is a baseline part of most technology. But in the future, your brand's unique AI, will become that critical turning point of really personalized AI that really can represent your brand voice. 
  • Too often, marketers see new technology and rush to the lowest bar of its creation. Just because the barriers have dropped with AI, doesn't mean our standards should. 
  • So instead of always creating new content, why don't we take our old content and treat them as assets, and further improve upon them. 
  • It's not about the quality, it's about the quantity, and good content, truly good content requires ideation. 
  • Create to inspire something to think about. And one of the big messages from this conference was humans collaborating with technology, right? It's all about the creativity that AI can help unleash, not just robotic text. 
  • Instead of trying to learn it all yourself, take advantage of the fact that the AI can do a lot of it for you, and work on higher-level issues, similar to how marketers should work on higher-level issues like ideas, and distribution. And this power of ideation is critical for business. 
  • Future-proofing ourselves means using AI to enhance our humanity, not erase it remember, ideation become more creative. Let AI be AI, and humans be humans. 
  • AI can help you get to where you want to go. But it can't tell you the right direction to go. 

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