The Biggest Reason You Should Become a Content Creator (and Why I Started this Podcast)
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferJanuary 12, 2013
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The Biggest Reason You Should Become a Content Creator (and Why I Started this Podcast)

Welcome to the first episode of my podcast! This will tell you why I launched my podcast, which at the inception was called the Social Business Unplugged podcast. I also want to share with you how a podcast can feed into an inbound marketing strategy.

Key Highlights

[00:31] Why Social Business Unplug?

[01:02] The Idea of Podcast

[02:14] You Can't Do The Same Thing Everywhere Else

[03:04] The Idea About My Podcast

[06:14] Knowledge Is Power

[07:48] It's Always About Becoming Your End Customer

Notable Quotes

  • You know, the idea of a podcast, there are many, many different ways to speak to people to, for lack of a better word, engage with people, there is video, you have YouTube videos, there's text, you have blog posts, you have books, if you think of content marketing, and all the different ways of providing content, all the different formats, audio is a pretty strong format.
  • And my advice always comes down to, you can't just do the same thing on Facebook, you do everywhere else, you have to have some sort of exclusivity, some sort of uniqueness, a differentiator that says, I want to like your Facebook page, I want to come back to your Facebook page, because you're doing something special on there.
  • Over time, the older generation or the people, you know, in the executive and management level, get out of touch out of tune with what their end customers really think about their products and services, what have you. And therefore, by enlisting this Gen Y group, they were trying to use them to actually better feed in the customers voice to the executive team, which is pretty fascinating perspective.
  • People that sort of hold on to their knowledge, have nothing to gain from it, because it's an open market for knowledge right now. And that really stuck with me. 
  • At the end of the day, your blog is not for self promotion, it's for you sharing resourceful content that's going to create the magnet that's going to bring people back to your blog back to your website to create a trustworthy relationship that's going to lead them to become a buyer of your product or service, whether it's a blog, a video, a podcast, if you're not providing that information, if you're not sharing it with them, your blog post has very, very little value. 
  • So whether it's blogging or anything else, it's always about becoming your end customer, understanding what they're looking for and providing them the information.
  • It's less about becoming more resourceful and more about becoming fun or engaging or sharing tidbits about your customers. And it's less about your own content and more about repurposing the content of your customers and your fans. 

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