The 11 Blogging Mistakes Your Business Might Be Making
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferSeptember 11, 2020
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The 11 Blogging Mistakes Your Business Might Be Making

I have been blogging since 2008, and to be honest with you I really didn't think strategically about blogging since fairly recently when I started talking about the freshness of content on episode 129 almost two years ago. Since then I have come to realize the mistakes of my own blog as well as those that I have helped in a variety of capacities over the years. Since Google is the biggest digital influencer of them all, I wanted to share with you the 11 blogging mistakes that I see businesses make yet very few podcasters or people in the blogosphere talk about. I hope after listening to this episode you will have a much more strategic look at blogging and how impactful it can be for your business.

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Key Highlights

[04:57] Three Areas of Digital and Social Media Marketing
[08:23] The Base of Digital Influence
[11:10] How to Perform Keyword Research
[13:51] How to Perform Search Intent
[15:35] Why Blogging One Topic is Better than Random Things
[21:03] Mistake #4
[22:41] Mistake #5
[24:08] Mistake #6
[26:44] Keyword Stuffing
[31:43] Why You Need to Find Strategic Keyword

Notable Quotes

  • We're just seeing an acceleration of this digital transformation that people have always been digital-first. And now businesses are forced to be digital-first. So when we think about digital, right, how do we engage with our customers? How do we find new clients? It comes down to digital and social media is actually part of that digital
  • When we talk about digital and social media influence, there was no one more influential than Google. 
  • The reason I like to pick one topic, like influencer marketing, is you want to build authority in that topic in Google's eyes, you want that to outweigh other content on your blog on your website.
  • You need to have non-branded content. And this goes into, you know, the whole idea of a blog is it's giving your company a social voice, it's allowing you to build influence with Google, by blogging on content that people are actually searching for.

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