Social Selling: Understanding the Basics
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferNovember 12, 2013
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Social Selling: Understanding the Basics

A real-life analogy to help you understand how social selling is all about using social media to find information relevant to selling as well as choose the most effective communication channel to help engage with the prospective buyer.

Key Highlights

[01:12] What is Social Selling / Social Sales

[02:27] What Happened to Me that Illustrates What Social Selling is About

[04:37] An Example of an Aggressive, Awesome Salesperson

[05:36] There's Data Everywhere on the Internet

[06:10] Things You Can Do As Part of Social Selling

[08:16] The Different Channels to Communicate

Notable Quotes

  • And so this gentleman was very smart. He was reading the data reading the information that was right relevant, that he knew that every single person that's posting a do business as advertisement is one of his potential business banking clients.
  • But the fact that this person used the data to contact me. In other words, this data appears in a lot of different forms.
  • But there's lots of hints of people that may be looking to buy a product or service that either you or your competitors can easily find in social media. And that's part of the social selling is, you know, as a salesperson why, you know, I wonder where am I going to develop my next lead marketing can only get you so far, sometimes you need to do a little bit of prospecting, right? And you need to build up your pipeline. 
  • And that business tool allows you to efficiently within a single dashboard, do keyword searches, or perhaps decide if you're already connected to someone which channel you want to use to send them a message. But it's important to understand the concepts, the concepts of sales have not changed. 
  • Social media is not going to help you get 100% of your business. It complements what you've been doing. But if you understand the power of that data, and being able to find that data and contact the person, and the different channels available to you and different ways of engaging with those people, I think you'll see why social selling is a compelling topic for anyone in sales. 

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