Social Media Marketing is All about FOCUS!

Social Media Marketing is All about FOCUS!

The importance of focus in everything you do in social media marketing: Platforms, content, and objectives.

 Key Highlights

[00:40] Why You Need to Perform Internal R&D

[01:28] FOCUS!

[02:00] What Focus In Social Medi Means

[02:19] The Problem That Most Companies Fall Prey To

[02:48] The Components of Anchor

[04:12] Take Baby Steps

[05:12] Take Some Withdrawals

[07:04] Stay With the Focus

Notable Quotes

  • I think that anybody that is active in social media, anybody that's active in business has a need for their own internal r&d to stay ahead of their game, to network with other people, and to learn auxilary skills that can help them succeed in business and in life.
  • The problem is, the less focus you have in social media, it truly comes down to the less you get done, right.
  • And I like to talk about when creating a social media strategy, the need to create an anchor, okay?
  • And there's no one right way to do it. It all comes down to not only where you want to build a community, but what you want to build a community around. 
  • So by focusing on doing one thing, well, we can ensure that we begin to implement something.
  • If you don't implement, it's good for nothing. And instead of implementing everything, just start with one thing, take baby steps.
  • And if you feel like you're spinning a lot of wheels, spin a lot of cycles and not getting a lot accomplished not seeing the ROI. I want you to take some withdrawals, I want you to withdrawal from maybe one platform. Or maybe if you're curating or blogging on different types of content, get back to your anchor content.
  • And everybody that knows me, has heard me say that before, because businesses need help on all the platforms, you don't pick a platform, you align your strategy with a platform based on your objectives, right.
  •  So staying with the focus, staying crystal clear on the audience, on the platforms, the content on the objective is sort of an evergreen thing that you're always going to need to do.

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