Social Media Lessons Learned from the Japanese Countryside

Social Media Lessons Learned from the Japanese Countryside

Neal shares the four things companies need to launch a successful social media program based on time he recently spent in rural Japan helping farmers get social media savvy.

 Key Highlights

[01:00] What I did in Japan

[03:33] The Challenge

[04:21] What is the First Step?

[04:57] Education Comes in 2 Different Ways

[05:23] Second Part: Strategy

[06:10] One of the Big Missing Pieces

[06:50] You Need Content

[07:44] Compelling Stories

[10:00] Creating System

Notable Quotes

  • And therefore the first step really is how do we get these farmers on Facebook and derive value out of being on Facebook and seeing that this can be a viable future for them by engaging on Facebook and using it as a digital media platform.
  • The first step really is the education right? And the education comes in two different ways. Alright, so number one, understanding that potential. And number two, really yourself becoming a user of the platform and understanding how people use it, right? 
  • There's so many things that go into a social media strategy. But these are things that you need to think through. And if you've never done that, and you just go into the do before you do the plan.
  • People use social platforms differently than maybe they did two or three years ago, they've moved to other platforms, maybe, and maybe you've missed them.
  • And I think one of the big missing pieces comes into this notion that social media and I always talk about it being the convergence of information and communication.
  • The content comes in a variety of formats of mediums. You have photos, you have videos, you have, you know, blog posts, you have status updates, but you need to have a content and what these farmers needed, was they needed to have stories.
  • It's the development of the stories and they themselves do not understand it.
  • Social media is always changing. What you do with social media as a business needs to Always Be Changing. Always be in flux as well. 

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