Social Media and Crisis Management

Social Media and Crisis Management

What is the best away to avoid a social media crisis? Listen to Neal Schaffer's advice and, instead of dwelling on the negative, focus on the positive by generating goodwill and brand advocates through growing a social media following.

Key Highlights

[00:26] Social Media and Crisis Management

[01:10] Examples of Social Media Crises

[01:30] What to Do When Faced With Crisis?

[02:54] The Best Way to Prevent Crisis

[04:24] Another Way to Deal With Crisis

[05:53] Preventing Potential Social Media Crisis by Building Goodwill

[06:59] The Mission of Marketing

Notable Quotes

  • I think that social media crises are the reason that a lot of companies actually started engaging in social media in the first place.
  • And I think for every crisis that becomes public, there are a number of crises that have been diffused, because companies have handled them in a very, very efficient and swift way.
  • The best way to prevent crises which you're never going to be able to prevent every single crisis that happens, because you cannot control the uncontrollable, you cannot predict the future.
  • It's about proactively engaging and building up a social media following it's building up trust with the public through social media engagement on those channels, where the public is, but most importantly, where your audiences where your customers, your partners, your vendors, and your employees are.
  • And proactively building goodwill fostering goodwill, because if you have that goodwill, and if you foster the creation of brand advocates, what's going to happen is if there's a crisis, there's going to be a lot of people that are going to stand up for you and it will help I don't know about completely diffused this quote unquote, crisis, but it will definitely help a lot of people on social media come to your site without you even having to say anything.
  • So if you're actively engaged in and actively monitoring and you're on the frontline, and you see something weird going on, it's a potential emergency situation, you have to be in contact with an emergency team. 
  • I'm a believer that there's always going to be negative people out there. But I also believe that people just want to know that their issues are being heard. And that's why consumers feel empowered with the advent of social media, listening and responding. 

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