Should You Niche Down or Become a Generalist with Your Digital Marketing? My Answer Might Surprise You!
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferNovember 11, 2021
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Should You Niche Down or Become a Generalist with Your Digital Marketing? My Answer Might Surprise You!

"The riches are in the niches."

"You gotta niche down."

You've heard these over the years, including on this podcast. And I don't disagree with the advice if you want to gain visibility in a noisy market.

However, if you are a marketer or a marketing entrepreneur, just owning one niche might not be the ideal solution to your strategy and most likely not for your customers.

Listen in as I share my own experience and advice and make the case for becoming more of a digital and social media marketing generalist.

Key Highlights

[02:27] Why It's Dangerous To Stick To A Niche?

[02:50] How I Began Blogging

[05:51] Wanting to Be A "Doctor of Social Media"

[06:57] Offering Additional Value Beyond Niche

[9:10] The Time I Went Generalist

[10:34] Launching My Fractional CMO Service

[12:29] Going Back to the Role of Generalist

[13:06] Why You Need to Have a Broader Knowledge

[15:31] My Work As A Fractional CMO

[18:15] Summary

Notable Quotes

  • In other words, if you go to a doctor, you don't tell the doctor what you have, you tell the doctor your symptoms, and they propose something for it, that you might have this, you might have that, let's take some X rays, let's hear some medicine.
  • If I want to pursue best practices, in my job, in my work in my career in my life, I have to provide the best thing that businesses need.
  • Social networks don't exist in a vacuum. Social media does not exist in a vacuum. It's all part of digital marketing, which is all part of marketing.
  • if your business obviously has something that is competitive in one specific niche area, it makes sense to go for it.
  • Customers don't just use the tool to use a tool, they use a tool to solve a problem. Businesses don't look for people who seek out people with a niche, because they have a need for that niche. They have a problem that they want to solve.
  • Niche gives you visibility. But it doesn't always solve all the problems that people that have an interest in a niche have. 
  • In order to become a generalist, you need to have niche knowledge. But it's not just one niche at the end of the day. It's a combination of niches.
  • This really defines the current work that I do as a fractional CMO. Because it goes beyond just one niche, one category, it goes down to the problems that companies have, and the potential solutions for them. Using the entire toolkit of tools and channels that Digital Marketing provides.
  • I do believe if you're not known for anything, the niche, without a doubt gives you that visibility. But as you niche, I want you to be thinking about the broader picture of the role of the generalists. And I don't want you to be afraid to go outside of your niche to gain other expertise, which I believe you will need, regardless of what niche you decide for what industry.

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