SEO Backlinks: What are They, and Why More of Them Isn't Necessarily Better

SEO Backlinks: What are They, and Why More of Them Isn't Necessarily Better

In digital marketing, the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) cannot be understated.

One of the most powerful methods of climbing up the search engine rankings is the acquisition of backlinks.

But how does one get backlinks? And are the more links the merrier?

I believe that the SEO industry - or at least many companies offering SEO services - assume that the more the better, and they base the value of a link on the "domain authority" of the website. This is similar to valuing influencers just by the number of followers.

Are many companies flat out doing SEO wrong? Here's my take - would love to hear what you think.

Key Highlights

[02:11] My New Mission Statement

[05:20] Why SEO Is Important?

[06:05] How Does Library of Content Help Your Business?

[07:33] Off-page SEO

[08:49] Will Content Alone Get You Ranked?

[10:05] Critical Things to SEO

[11:36] How Does Google Know Authority On Sites?

[13:11] SEO Backlinks

[13:26] Ways to Build Backlinks

[18:48] Importance of Relevance

[20:07] Only Get Backlinks and Guest Blogs From Where You Have Authority

[24:24] My First Good Search Engine Ranking

[25:22] The Power of Relevant and Authoritative Links

[26:52] External Links VS Internal Links

[28:42] How to Know if A Site Is Relevant or Not to My Site?

Notable Quotes

  • But once your content is indexed, Google always wants to serve the best content, the most relevant content, the most relevant and best content to everybody's unique search query.
  • But the fact that you are able to guest blog on a platform, especially if that platform has a lot of authority is a good thing. And you can see how search engines will reward you and that will help you over time, build up more authority.
  • I think relevance is really, really important. And I think if you're going to go out of your way to guest blog, or somehow generate backlinks, there are many ways to do it right.
  • I think search engines are really smart, especially to people Google. They're using AI and machine learning. And I think that any unnatural link or any collect unnatural links over time are not going to serve you well.
  • You only want to try to get backlinks and guest blog, or perhaps accept guest bloggers, it's got to be related to where you are in authority because if it is, and the other site also has authority in that subject, I believe that that link might be worth 10 200 times more valuable than just a backlink from some random website.
  • The beautiful thing about all this is once you jump up the search engine rankings, assuming your content is good, then obviously, you can continue there. 

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