SEO and Social: Honing the Skills Needed for a Modern Marketer [Cyrus Shepard Interview]

SEO and Social: Honing the Skills Needed for a Modern Marketer [Cyrus Shepard Interview]

What is the connection, and even the similarities, that marketers who want to improve at both SEO as well as social media need to have? Join me in this interview with one of the world's leading experts, Cyrus Shepard, SEO Advisor for MOZ, as we discuss:

  • Why SEOs and Social Marketers both need to have a wide breadth of skills for writing across social pages, metadata and more
  • The way in which aligning SEO and Social skills can lead to more backlinks, improved engagement signals, and more owned SERP real estate for branded queries
  • How enhanced social media efforts can lead to higher search demand

Digital influence isn't just about influence on social networks. It includes influence you hold in the search engines! That's why this conversation was so exciting and stimulating for me, so I'm sure it will be worth your time.

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Key Highlights

[01:41] Introduction of Podcast Guest, Cyprus Shepard

[06:29] Skills We Should Focus On In This Age of Coronavirus

[08:26] Advice On Social Signals

[11:07] Recommendation On Repurposing Content

[12:28] How to Find and to Write With Keywords

[15:33] Aligning SEO To Enhance Social Media Efforts and Higher Search Demand

[20:31] External Linking Out Strategy

[23:31] How To Balance Putting External Links And Keeping Readers On The Page Longer

[25:30] Moz Beginners Guide To SEO

[27:51] Connect With Cyprus

[28:07] Final Advice

Notable Quotes

  • My advice to people is that you find the keywords that people are searching for. My recommendation is that you include those in your title tag for your content. But when you're when you're writing your social media posts, the headlines, there can be your call to actions can be something different, something exciting, something to get people to share the content, as long as it's in the title of your actual page.
  • I encourage people to really look at their internal linking strategy first, and heavily interlink with varying anchor text, and advanced IP, when you're when you do your keyword research that I mentioned earlier, look at all the keyword variations that people are using to search and vary your anchor text a lot, because if you're a small medium site, if you just link with the same anchor text over and over again to yourself, Google is going to see that as over optimization, and you can kill your ranking.
  • The links that are higher in your page, count more than links that are lower on your page. So when you do, I would highly prioritize the links higher in your content to yourself, because you're going to pass more link equity.
  • You can try try out the tools and laws but mostly show up post those things. Look and see see how you're showing up in Google search results when you search for your brand. And always think about how can I through social media?

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