R.I.P. Marketing Campaigns. Do THIS Instead.
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferMarch 17, 2023
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R.I.P. Marketing Campaigns. Do THIS Instead.

You've heard it a million times: you need to do marketing campaigns if you want your business to grow.

But what if I told you that's not actually true?

That focusing on something else instead could lead to even better results?

Listen to this episode to find out what that "something else" is.

Specifically I will be discussing the ineffectiveness of marketing campaigns and suggesting an experimental approach to marketing.

I emphasize the importance of a data-driven approach to marketing and experimenting with different channels, mediums, and influencers to achieve better results.

I also discuss the PDCA approach to marketing, which emphasizes planning, doing, checking, and acting upon experiments to achieve continuous improvement.

I conclude by encouraging marketers to focus on continuous improvement and adapting to changes in social media platforms and algorithms.

This episode provides valuable insights for marketers, entrepreneurs, business owners, and content creators.

Key Highlights

[01:48] Why Should We Change The Way We Think About Marketing Campaigns?

[04:02] Why I Think There Aren't Campaigns

[05:29] The PDCA Circle Explained

[06:50] My View on Launches

[07:38] We Need to Try Something New!

[08:25] The Importance of Doing Different Experiments in a Strategic Way

[09:08] What Data-Driven Marketing Is

[10:38] Always Remember The Circle of Kaizen

Notable Quotes

  • Here's the thing, I don't believe in campaigns, there is nothing to share. And I thought a lot about this. And I thought maybe I'm crazy that I don't have this campaign mindset. Now, I am not a traditional marketer. 
  • The notion of a campaign falls back into that traditional marketing. And it's disruptive in nature, right? It's something that existed before social media.
  • There are something called launches, a launch might be considered a campaign, but the idea is you are a new brand, or you're an existing brand and you have a new product. So you need to generate massive brand awareness for this new brand or new product in a limited amount of time. 
  • So my view of a launch is a launch, we need to gather data, we have no data, we have no idea how much to spend on what platforms, we think we know where our audiences, we think we know what content they may resonate with. But until we do it, we don't know. Right? It's an experiment. And I would say the same thing with what others would call campaigns, I call them experiments. 
  • On behalf of this data-driven experiment. Obviously, we're doing our best to optimize our marketing. But it's not enough for whatever objective we have. We need to do something new. It's not always just doing more often it's doing something different.
  • Every influencer delivers different results. every social network, every content medium will deliver different results. Whether you do the work in house, whether you work through an agency, or whether you potentially outsource to influencers, these are all going to give you different results. But it's doing the different experiments in a strategic way and measuring them that will get you to better results than if it's just we're gonna do a campaign. 
  • And that is what I want to get across to you that don't think about campaigns, think experiments with this mindset, you're gonna get more variety, and more data that when utilized properly, will impact your marketing at an exponential level more than this short term, memory type of campaign, which is on the day gone tomorrow, this is all evergreen, we're always optimizing it as PDCA.

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