Revolutionizing Ecommerce Marketing with AI and SEO Strategies: A Chat with Katrina McKinnon
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferNovember 27, 2023
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Revolutionizing Ecommerce Marketing with AI and SEO Strategies: A Chat with Katrina McKinnon

Ever wanted to know how AI is revolutionizing the ecommerce marketing landscape? Or perhaps you're curious about how a successful SEO strategy can make a world of difference to your ecommerce store? Buckle up, because ecommerce aficionado, Katrina McKinnon, is here to walk you through these intriguing topics and more!

We kick off with a whirlwind tour of AI's transformative impact on ecommerce marketing. From enhancing product images to mining product reviews for insights, Katrina shares her first-hand experiences and profound insights on the subject. However, it's not all robots and algorithms. We stress the importance of maintaining a human touch in content creation, because, in the end, we're all human, and we like to buy from other humans. Katrina takes us through the art of creating engaging content and discusses Google's new policy on misrepresentation. Plus, we touch upon the power of accessories and how selling them alongside a main product can be a game-changer.

Of course, we can't talk about ecommerce marketing without delving into the rabbit hole of SEO. Katrina highlights some key mistakes businesses often make and why it's crucial to start with the product itself. We also underline the importance of creative content and the immense potential platforms like Reddit hold for research. Wrapping up things, we give a shout-out to the power of podcasting itself (meta, isn't it?) and how it can help you reach a broader audience. So, whether you're an ecommerce newbie or a seasoned pro, this episode is packed with insightful tips and tricks that'll help you stay ahead of the curve. Tune in and don't forget to leave a review on Apple Podcasts!

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