Rediscovering the Value of Social Media for Business - in South Africa - Part 2
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferNovember 30, 2015
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Rediscovering the Value of Social Media for Business - in South Africa - Part 2

Neal recently visited South Africa and was interviewed on South Africa FM. Last week, you heard the first half of that interview. This week, listen in to hear a continuation of the conversation about social media for business, and what it might be like if we could start over with social media. What would we do differently? Would we change our priorities? You’ll also hear more about Neal’s story and how he got to where he is, as well as an entertaining countdown of questions.

Key Highlights

[01:59] Changes In Social Media Platforms

[03:06] Can I Use All Platforms At The Same Time And Effectively?

[04:23] Spray and Pray

[05:02] What Did Mark Zuckerberg Do To Outperform MySpace?

[07:22] What I Do To Help Businesses

[08:32] How I Got Into Digital Marketing

[11:00] The Story Of How I Wrote My First Book

[12:07] Acknowledgements I Have Received

[12:57] South African Digital Market

[14:04] Beat The Clock Questions

Notable Quotes

  • They need to make sure that you want to stick to it, the information you find is new, it's interesting. And they're really devoted to making sure that happens. So when you leave Facebook to go home, they still kept the Sun Microsystems sign that you actually have to see as you go home to as a reminder, we do not want to become the dinosaur. We always want to be fresh. But the problem is, the demographics are changing.
  • Every network is different.
  • I try to help businesses, and it's all about best practices. So we have companies that have succeeded, we have companies that have failed. The problem is that most companies start with a disadvantage. 
  • So there's, there's some cleanup work that's often involved, but it's really about, you know, how do we perfect what we do in social? How do we get how do we do best practices? How do we constantly improve?
  • But you know, social media is, is an experiment, because the people that use it, how we use it, and the functionality being provided, is always changing. And therefore, we need to manage it like an experiment. So we need to have controls in place. And we need to make sure we need to be measuring and making sure that we're always doing our best.
  • And that's why don't wait until you're in transition for that you should be building that on a daily basis, and really dig your well before you're thirsty. 
  • I have a very practical way. It's no fluff, practical, rational way of looking at social, which I think a lot of people find refreshing.
  • I think the businesses have have really become one, they've really found a community in social media, they've served that community, whether it's through unique photos, or videos or content, they've allowed the community to decide on what products that they end up making.
  • Brands in the past, they created this big wall between consumers and the company. And social media is really about breaking down those walls, and letting your customers become one with the brand. And it's a very, very new way of thinking, but I think those smaller businesses that get that are going to be the most successful one.

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