Rediscovering the Potential Business Value of Facebook Groups
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferOctober 28, 2014
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Rediscovering the Potential Business Value of Facebook Groups

Have you had a bad experience on a social network and refused to venture back into it? That's not good business sense. Perhaps it has happened to you by being opted-in to several Facebook Groups without your permission. Now is time to join Neal in rediscovering the potential business value of Facebook Groups.

Key Highlights

[02:47] Do A Reset On Everything You Do

[03:30] Facebook Statistics

[04:24] The Biggest Social Network

[05:55] Adapt and Change Your Way

[06:31] Facebook Groups

[07:45] My Facebook Group Experimentation

[08:35] Disadvantage of Facebook Group

[11:58] My Facebook Community

[14:03] The Challenge

[14:53] Creating Group Rules

[15:09} What To Do TO Increase Engagement

[15:18] How to Join My Facebook Group

Notable Quotes

  • You need to be with your audiences. And you need to figure out a way to engage with your audience to make yourself more successful. 
  • But I have immense respect for the platform and the people behind the platform. They really are building something that, you know, is in essence, sort of revolutionising the way that we communicate with each other for lack of a better concept.
  • So the other thing is that we talk about all these other networks where people still spend a heck of a lot of time on Facebook, it is still by far the biggest social network.
  • But the fact that people are on Facebook is no different today, it's irrelevant to the edge rank, the edge rank, and social media is always going to favor people over businesses. Businesses are always at a disadvantage when engaging in social.
  • So the other side of the Facebook group is as a business, you're at a disadvantage. When you're in a Facebook group, you're engaging as a person. And you can engage with people a lot more easier than you can on a Facebook page, if they have an interest in your group. 
  • But if people are going to pay to be in a forum, I want it to be presented in a certain way to make it a resource for everybody over time. 
  • t the benefit now, and I'm already seen it is that I'm creating when you're talking to someone on Twitter, you know, or on some of the social networks, some of the other ones, it's a little bit different than when you talk to them on Facebook, because it's the most personal of our networks, it's where we share the most personal information. 

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