Rediscover the Power of Email Marketing: Nurturing Customer Relationships and Maximizing Profits
Your Digital Marketing Coach with Neal SchafferSeptember 13, 2023
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Rediscover the Power of Email Marketing: Nurturing Customer Relationships and Maximizing Profits

This episode is another preview of content that will be included in my upcoming book.

Two episodes ago I requested that you rethink your social media marketing with the role of user-generated content in mind.

This episode I want you to rethink the role that email marketing can have in developing communication pathways and ultimately relationships of business value.

Ever thought about the untapped power of email marketing? Buckle up, because in this episode, we're blowing the lid off the incredible potency that rests in your inbox. That's right, email marketing isn't just alive and kicking; it's a heavy hitter, 40 times more potent in snagging you new customers than social media.

We're not just talking about mere promotional tools. We're diving into relationship-building resources. How, you ask? By focusing on consistent communication, lead magnets, content creation, and the art of nurturing the customer journey. The cherry on top? An overview of welcome emails and lead nurture sequences that will leave you awestruck: a whopping 80% open rate and 320% more revenue! But we don't just wow you with figures; we provide you with the hands-on tools to conjure up the perfect welcome email and lead nurture sequences. 

But the episode doesn't stop there. We also delve into promotional emails - not just as a sales tool, but as a powerful relationship builder. From boosting brand awareness to generating demand and showcasing your products or services, we cover it all. We also discuss the role of time-bound discount and event emails, and how they can up your customer interaction game. Finally, we reveal how you can make each email experience unique for your customers by leveraging special occasions. So, gear up for a ride that takes email marketing to a whole new level. Let's hit it!

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